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   PHOTOCOPIABLE © Cambridge University Press 2015 Name Class Date Smart Planet 1 Unit 2 Extra Test Unit 2 Extra Test – page 1 of 4 Grammar 1 Complete the sentences with the correct form of have got  . 1 I a new computer. (+) 2 Juan a big family. ( - ) 3 We a nice garden at home. (+) 4 They rollerblades. ( - ) 5 Harry a Barcelona scarf. (+)  5 2 Complete the answers. 1 Have you got an MP4 player? Yes, . 2 Have they got a big house? No, . 3 Has Maria got a games console? Yes, . 4 Have we got a new English teacher this year? No, . 5 Has Luis got a pet? No, .  5 3 There is one word missing in each sentence. Write the sentences correctly. 1 How posters of Taylor Swift have you got?  2 We got two guitars at home.  3 Paul hasn’t a games console.  4 Have you a mobile phone?  5 Julia got a computer in her room?   5 4 Circle the correct options. 1 In my room I’ve got a guitar but I a games console. a haven’t got b have got c hasn’t got 2 brothers have you got? a How b How many c How much 3 Has Philip got blue eyes? a Yes, he’s got b Yes, he’s. c Yes, he has. 4 you got a big room? a Do b Are c Have 5 We a lot of manga comics. a ‘ve got b ‘ve c got  5   PHOTOCOPIABLE © Cambridge University Press 2015 Smart Planet 1 Unit 2 Extra Test – page 2 of 4 Unit 2 Extra Test Vocabulary 5 Complete the family tree.   5 6 Circle the correct options. 1 My uncle’s son is my cousin  /   aunt  . 2 My mum’s mum is my granddad  /   grandma . 3 Steven is in Class A. He’s my classmate  /   teammate . 4 My cousin’s father is my uncle  /   brother  . 5 Susana and Marta are my teammates  / classmates  – we play football for our school.  5 7 Complete the words. 1 Clara’s not very h . She’s only 50 kg. 2 Paul’s got dark c  hair. 3 Tom’s got big g  eyes. 4 Lucy’s only 1 m 45 so she’s quite s  . 5 Laura’s got f  hair and blue eyes.  5 8 Circle the correct options. I’ve got a small family – a 1  Tom and a sister Maria, but we’ve got a lot of 2  in Canada and Australia. I’ve got short 3  hair but Maria’s hair is 4  and dark. We’re both quite 5  but Tom is heavy. 1 a brother b best friend c uncle 2 a classmates b cousins c parents 3 a long b red c heavy 4 a fair b tall c long 5 a thin b spiky c short  5 DanLucy (Me)MelanieAmy Josh   Simon 5 3 1 2 (Mum) (Dad) 4   PHOTOCOPIABLE © Cambridge University Press 2015 Smart Planet 1 Unit 2 Extra Test – page 3 of 4 Unit 2 Extra Test Listening 9 4  Listen and complete the sentences. 1 Tim’s hair is and . 2 Emma isn’t very and is very . 3 Julia is the speaker’s and she loves . 4 David teaches and he’s got long, hair. 5 The speaker’s brother has got dark, hair and eyes.  20 Reading 10 Read the text.   My family isn’t very big. I’ve got a brother and a sister. My brother’s name is Josh. He’s 15 years old and he’s tall and thin and he’s got big green eyes and dark curly hair. My sister’s name is Ellie and she’s 10 years old. She’s quite short and has got long dark hair. I’m Lucy and I’m in the middle. I’m 13 years old and I’m quite tall and I’ve got short hair and blue eyes. Our parents are in their 40s and they’re both teachers at my school. Dad’s brother is a Maths teacher at the same school and his wife is a teacher too. We’ve got three cousins but they’re not at home. They’re all students at university.   Answer the questions in complete sentences. 1 Who’s Josh?  2 Is Ellie tall?  3 How old is Lucy?  4 What is Lucy’s uncle’s job?  5 How many children has their aunt got?   20   PHOTOCOPIABLE © Cambridge University Press 2015 Smart Planet 1 Unit 2 Extra Test – page 4 of 4 Unit 2 Extra Test  Writing 11 Write about your best friend. Use the prompts below to help you. Write at least 70 words. ã name ã age ã town/country ã physical characteristics ã favourite things ã interests 20   100
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