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Dictionary of Quran - Arabic - English
  ~ ' _. asr.f.(above) vi .._&..:.;.1 (perf, 2 p.m. Si~;.j i~ ~1 thouloved. ~,)-.1~i (perf. l stp.sing.) iv~ I loved'. iimper]. 3 p.m,plu.)iv loves ' ......withlove(ioreply) (iv.)..:.,.;;:: t,;_ (Theassimilationofdouble~denotesitsbeinginaccordwithaconditionalphrase). _.J_' [imperf. 3 p.m.plu)iv 0'·~ theylove .J ._~ - ..,-: (imperj. 2 p.m. plu.) iv.,-.... v.):,,:: youlove timperf, 1 sfp, sing.) iv Ilovemorewanted than (ele!ive) 55, more dearerthanSS 120 _, .. .::.,.,:. ._- * *** y-- see~seeseesee * u u c I .......ndeared (perf. 3 p.m.sing.)ii to love,beloved \r.  (imper].-:~_'~,~lmperf; 2 p.m.plu.) rJ~ youdetain t::~_, '~ ~ Youdetainthem(two). [5.:106] (perf 3 p. m. sing.} <...... ametonaught,goneinvain ~~1f tocome to naught,toperish (perf. 3 p, f. sing.; cametonaught,gonein vain (lmperf. 3 p. .j. sing.]ace, J;i it maygoinvain - . .- {epl. 3 p.m. sing.)~ surelybe made ineffective (perf 3 p. m. sing.)iv. k:;.' ,..._,nades SS ineffective iv ~~l~1;;1 tomakeSSineffectivt: (lmper], 3 p.m,sing.)iv ......makeineffective * j~(. ;'1': aths (n. p.) (signifieseitherthetracesofangelsortheorbsofstars lid.) \T\ .... '''~:~\ (perf 3 p.m. plu.)x >?'- they preferred, lovemuch {imperf. 3 p.m. plu.) x they preferã.love much (more than) the love (n.) < belovedones (n.p.) 91'- (sing.)~ thelove (n.mim) r* * * I probable, grain (n.) grain (n.) -- ..1 )ã>..-~ (pip. 3 p.m..plu, rJJ~ < they shall be madehappy.- (..,.)I,):':;; .._;j. ? To be glad.-;. ~ -~ .f__,.. (pip. 2 p.m.plu.} i..J.J~ you shall be made happy. !)r.~~1 great learned men; (n.p)...'- doctorsofreligiouslaws. cl (imper/. J p.m,sing.) --prevents. detain (.)l_~:; ~.i'---- ...r'.~_~ to imprison,confine;detain 12\  VOCABULARY0'THEHOLY Q.IHlA~ J... c '- ipref. 3 p.!. sing.)tassim) t? -< performedthereligiousritesandtheceremoniesofthepilgrimage,repairedtoMakkaor toKa'ba lLJ)t;;~ f}- tointendtoacertaintarget, to aimat ~ thepligrirnage (n.)~ ~I -! thepilgrimageofthe,.:.~)1~House(Ka'ba)thepilgrimage (n.) .I--~ {act,pic.m,sing.). t \j..\ tbepilgrim(usedalsoforthegroupofpilgrimsasanounof . kind ~~I.J '1 ~ { '~ ..(!i- (sing.)~ years n,p.)~ anargument (n.) (perf. 3 p.m.sing.} iii [I;.<........ ontended ~~;~~t:.~)t(\; !O despute. contend (perf. 3 pm. phd iii I)-I,;. rh... y cont...nt...d .J ,.,-t;. (perf.~prn.plu.) iii~ voucontented\ I~~ * J~ L arope,acord, (n.)~ acourseunion 'H~ ropes,cords (n. p.) IoJI..Jo' i.'~ unavoidable (n.) '<'- 1** * *1 L..- unti I. yet,Lill. (preposition) ls> even,nay~evenquickly,incessantly (v..n.)~. * y c.c. I barrier,a veil, curtain (n.) tohide.tocover,toput behindveil -:,~:;.,i. [pact: pic. m. plu.] oJj.~,. .-<thedebarredones.whoarekeptbehindavei I. thosewhoareshut Out \r   J[C VOCABULARY0' TH& HOLYQ,URAI'I Note:Inthetimeofpagan-ism,amanmeetingano-therwhomhefeared,in a sacredmonth,usedtosay .... ~~..- lJp Ik eaning, it isrigorouslyforbiddentotheetocommitanactofhostilityagainst me,in thismonth,andthelatterthereuponwouldabstainfroman y aggressionagainsthimandso,onthedayofRessurrection.thepolytheists,whentheyseethepunishment,will say to theangels,thinkingthatitwillprofitthem. Uid.-lLJ \~,..,.o:;lJF~ ~~-:' 'f~ ~~;~'''' !J~~.J ~J.~.<...~~ Andhehasplacedbetweenthesetwo(seas)abarrierandgreatpartition.[25:53]sense,understanding t 3) ':,i\J~~.-::\l···.'\-:::: ~1S':f-l.~~)i..tv- Indeed in thatis an oathforamanofsense(isthereinthatanoathforamanofsense. )[89:5}Note:Theinterrogativepar-ticle.~'what'or'isthere' is alsoused 10S1rt:'SS thesenseofthesentence.There-tore.sometranstators 1,>1 theQurantendtoin! -r- prctit bv 'surely.indeed.andalike.' \1 1 ace.(n.d.)Umperf 3 p.m.plu.) iii theyare contending [imperf, 3 p.m,plu.)iii theyarecontending (imperf 2 p.m.plu.)iii you are contending ~.aJ.;·:-;_':f ;r\~a.:!.·~'~... ..~v~U~~~ Andhispeoplecontended withhim,he said:AreyoucontendingmeaboutAllah?[6:80] ...J theywrangletogether vi 0.r.~: ~~(~~~T) < to\\ rangle together * J( prohibited one (I) (n.) ,fI Q~..... :t't ':''''-. 1 \~r~ ' ~1..:.>-'>.Ji~!9 ::!A.,...\,jJ Andtheysaid:Those(suchandsuch)cattleandcropsareprohibited.[6:138)abarrier (2) Andtheywillsay:Lettheirbeastrongbarrier(andthey II ill <ay: away ! aw- ay' -lid.)[.25:21] -1· ,;I '~- (pan.pic.m. sing.) JP whoisputbehind :1 barrier 123
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