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Living Waters Contemplative Life Center Divine Intervention Ministry to the Homeless Tippecanoe just.good.food Garden Food Justice Site PCUSA Arts and Science Literacy Camps for Children Welcome To Worship October 15th, 2017 9:30 a.m. Return of October 9, 2011 Safe Sleep Sabbath Welcome to this time of being with God and each
    Living Waters Contemplative Life Center Divine Intervention Ministry to the Homeless Tippecanoe just.good.food Garden Food Justice Site PCUSA  Arts and Science Literacy Camps for Children Welcome To Worship   October 15  th , 2017 9:30 a.m.  Return of October 9, 2011 Safe Sleep Sabbath Welcome to this time of being with God and each other   2 On a spiritual quest? Reached a tipping point? Reach out to Tippe! You are important to us. In Christ, there are no strangers, only new and wonderful people to meet each day! If you are visiting today, please be sure to sign our Guest Book at the back of the sanctuary or fill out a pew card and drop it in the offering plate. Our pastor would be glad to call you or pay you a personal visit.  Just let us know as you sign in…and take a Welcome Packet, too! Come back often. We care! We are open for faith! Affirming and open to all! Helpful Worship Information We’re Glad You’ve Come.   This is a safe place, a sanctuary of worship and prayer, comfort and justice-  seeking for all God’s people and all are welcome here ….just as you are.   Our church is a safe sanctuary for children. . We are proactive to protect our children with trained staff, enlightened volunteers, and aware congregants.  No concealed weapons of any type are allowed on Tippecanoe Church premises. Our children are invited to remain in worship with us. We ask children be accompanied by an adult at all times throughout our morning together! During worship, children are welcome to use a book, stuffed animal, or crayons and papers from the bottom shelf of the cart at the back of the sanctuary. We want the sanctuary to be home to them. When your child (1 st  grade and under) is restless, when you are, when those around you are … you’re/we’re probably asking too much of everyone. Please let your child be in the nursery at times like this. Please return borrowed “goodies” to the cart after worship. Infant through 1 st  Grade Care is available all during worship down the stairs to the right to the “nursery.”   In the order of worship , please note … the *   indicates times to stand as you are able.   Today in Worship  We open our hearts and minds to the texts today confronting the radical nature of God’s wisdom . Today’s wisdom teachings are all about  belonging or not, responding to invitation or not, trusting or not in God’s love for you…and so rejoicing (or not!) as we celebrate and focus upon those things in life most holy and uplifting and help-full! God’s invitation is not  without place, directions, and a time… now! Help is yours! Thanks for being here today!  In deepest gratitude, we give God thanks  for your presence with us in worship! Being Christian …  involves being shaped by Christian language, with the Bible as its foundation.  Some  in this church understand Christian language quite literally and factually. Others  understand it more symbolically and metaphorically.  What we share in common  is the love of language that  brings us together more deeply one with our God, one  breath-one people, toward more life, held in right relationships, peace with justice for all God’s creation!   You may wish to consider these reflective invitations as you worship this day: What captures my attention during worship today is….   I am wondering about….   Where I need God’s help most is….     3  As you enter, please use this time to greet friends, welcome newcomers, and  join in the spirit of community.  As the music begins, gift  yourself a few moments of quiet perhaps becoming  present to your own life --  your desires and needs and joys. Perhaps using this photo and reflective question to center  yourself.   God rejoices in your coming and meets you this morning in special ways that are meant just  for you.   TODAY’S WORSHIP   Seventeenth Sunday After Pentecost WELCOME TO THIS CELEBRATION OF THE LORD’S DAY   Safe Sleep Sabbath Welcome and Community New Readying Ourselves for Worship Surely God is in this place, Holy Ground! Surely God is in this place, Holy Ground! Prelude    Bringing Forward The Bible and The Bread Of Life    Lighting The Christ Candle  Ringing the Bell….an ancient tradition to clarify the air enabling our prayers to rise more easily to our God. Gathering As God's People   *Becoming Present To God And Each Other One: God has called us all here. All: God calls us here!   One: God   calls us here! All: No matter who we are, from where we have come or when we arrived, we all  belong! And each one of us….w e do Believe as best we can! One: We each believe as we are able and long    for “more” belief! The kind of belief that brings a gentler way of living and a simpler way of being. Right relationships! Peace with Justice!   4 All: We Believe We are all God’s beloved people on “ the Way ” !   Indeed, We Believe ….We Belove *Gathering Special Music Hymn to be announced Opening Ourselves To God’s Grace….    Based upon our New Testament readings.  Remember…this is  personal to you!  It is only because we are all much more alike than different that we speak out loud together! We will start out praying all together but we may not end together… a good thing! YOU DON’T HAVE TO TURN THE PAGE …  PAUSE AND REFLECT …NOW TIME IS GIVEN TO YOU FOR JUST WHAT YOU NEED MOST TO SPEAK ABOUT WITH YOUR GOD! Sharing Our Inner Most Lives With God God, You may be inviting me to come to You, but I can hardly hear You r invitation because my life is yelling at me to….    And/Or,  God what I like best about You and Your invitation is….   (Go Deeper!) God, You may want me to keep in mind all the things in my life for which I can rejoice, but so often I seem to focus instead on….    And/Or  , God, what I like best about me is….   (Go Deeper!) God, I give thanks and praise for the things in my life that are honorable and pure and just, help me to…..    And/Or,   God what I want most from You is….   I   I long to belove like a child   You may wish to name with God how you feel uninvited in your life; or you may share with God how you are beginning to find a new sense of belonging, a new spirit of rejoicing; or you may simply invite Jesus to come sit beside you in the pew this morning shining his healing light all around you. …. bringing you Belief    A Moment With God For Each Of Us….  
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