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HRM - II Trade Unions in India and the World Done By- Rohan Kapadia T.Y E – 3287 Trade Union in India and World A trade union is an organization of workers who have banded together to achieve common goals in key areas such as wages, hours, and working conditions. Basically a trade union bargains with the employer on behalf of union members and negotiates with employers. The H
  HRM - II Trade Unions in India and theWorld Done By-Rohan KapadiaT.Y E – 3287  Trade Union in India and World A trade union is an organization o !or ers !ho ha#e $anded together to a%hie#e %o&&on goa's in ey areas su%h as !ages( hours( and !or ing %onditions.Basi%a''y a trade union $argains !ith the e&p'oyer on $eha' o union &e&$ers and negotiates !ith e&p'oyers.The )istoryThe srcins o trade unions* e+isten%e %an $e tra%ed ro& the eighteenth %entury( !here the rapid e+pansion o industria' so%iety dre! !o&en( %hi'dren( rura' !or ers( and i&&igrants to the !or or%e in 'arger nu&$ers and in ne! ro'es. This poo' o uns i''ed and se&i-s i''ed 'a$or spontaneous'y organized in its and starts throughout its $eginnings(, and !ou'd 'ater $e an i&portant arena or the de#e'op&ent o trade unions.unions !ere i''ega' or &any years in &ost %ountries. There !ere se#ere pena'ties or atte&pting to organize unions( up to and in%'uding e+e%ution. Despite this( unions !ere or&ed and $egan to a%/uire  po'iti%a' po!er ( e#entua''y resu'ting in a $ody o 'a$or 'a! that not on'y 'ega'ized organizing eorts( $ut %odiied the re'ationship  $et!een e&p'oyers and those e&p'oyees organized into unions. E#en ater the 'egiti&ization o trade unions there !as opposition.The right to 0oin a trade union is &entioned in arti%'e 23( su$se%tion 1 o the ni#ersa'De%'aration o )u&an Rights D)R 4( !hi%h a'so states in arti%'e 25( su$se%tion 2 that 6o one &ay $e %o&pe''ed to $e'ong to an asso%iation6. rohi$iting a person ro& 0oining or or&ing a union( as !e'' as or%ing a person to do the sa&e e.g. 6%'osed shops6 or 6union shops6( see $e'o!4( !hether $y a go#ern&ent or $y a  $usiness( is genera''y %onsidered a hu&an rights a$use. 9i&i'ar a''egations %an $e 'e#e'ed i an e&p'oyer  dis%ri&inates $ased on trade union &e&$ership.  Unions in the 21 st  Century Structure and politics Union structures, politics, and legal status vary greatly from country to country. For  specific country details  see below. A ra''y o the trade union :9; in ;+ord during a stri e on 255<-53-28. nions &ay organize a parti%u'ar se%tion o s i''ed !or ers %rat unionis&4( a %ross-se%tion o !or ers ro& #arious trades genera' unionis&4( or atte&pt to organize a'' !or ers !ithin a parti%u'ar industry industria' unionis&4. These unions are oten di#ided into 6'o%a's6( and united in nationa' ederations. These ederations the&se'#es !i'' ai'iate !ith :nternationa's( su%h as the :nternationa' Trade nion =onederation. :n &any %ountries( a union &ay a%/uire the status o a 6 0uristi% person6 an artii%ia' 'ega' entity4( !ith a &andate to negotiate !ith e&p'oyers or the !or ers it represents.:n su%h %ases( unions ha#e %ertain 'ega' rights( &ost i&portant'y the right to engage in%o''e%ti#e $argaining !ith the e&p'oyer or e&p'oyers4 o#er !ages( !or ing hours( and other ter&s and %onditions o e&p'oy&ent. The ina$i'ity o the parties to rea%h anagree&ent &ay 'ead to industria' a%tion( %u'&inating in either  stri e a%tion or &anage&ent 'o% out( or $inding ar$itration. :n e+tre&e %ases( #io'ent or i''ega' a%ti#ities &ay de#e'op around these e#ents.:n other %ir%u&stan%es( unions &ay not ha#e the 'ega' right to represent !or ers( or the right &ay $e in /uestion. This 'a% o status %an range ro& non-re%ognition o a union to po'iti%a' or %ri&ina' prose%ution o union a%ti#ists and &e&$ers( !ith &any %ases o #io'en%e and deaths ha#ing $een re%orded $oth histori%a''y and %onte&porari'y. nions &ay a'so engage in $roader po'iti%a' or so%ia' strugg'e. 9o%ia' nionis&  en%o&passes &any unions that use their organizationa' strength to ad#o%ate or so%ia'  po'i%ies and 'egis'ation a#ora$'e to their &e&$ers or to !or ers in genera'. As !e''( unions in so&e %ountries are %'ose'y a'igned !ith  po'iti%a' parties.nions are a'so de'ineated $y the ser#i%e &ode' and the organizing &ode'. The ser#i%e &ode' union o%uses &ore on &aintaining !or er rights( pro#iding ser#i%es( and reso'#ing disputes. A'ternate'y( the organizing &ode' typi%a''y in#o'#es u''-ti&e  union organizers( !ho !or $y $ui'ding up %oniden%e( strong net!or s( and 'eaders !ithin the !or or%e> and %onrontationa' %a&paigns in#o'#ing 'arge nu&$ers o union &e&$ers. ?any unions are a $'end o these t!o phi'osophies( and the deinitions o the &ode's the&se'#es are sti'' de$ated.A'though their po'iti%a' stru%ture and autono&y #aries !ide'y( union 'eaderships are usua''y or&ed through de&o%rati% e'e%tions.9o&e resear%h( su%h as that %ondu%ted $y the A=:RRT(,@ argues that unionized !or ers en0oy $etter %onditions and !ages than those !ho are not unionized.:n Britain( the per%ei#ed 'et-'eaning nature o trade unions has resu'ted in the or&ation o a rea%tionary right-!ing trade union %a''ed 9o'idarity !hi%h is supported  $y the ar-right B. Trade Union in India  Preamble ,2th ?ar%h( @2<An a%t to pro#ide or the registration o Trade nions and in %ertain respe%ts to deine the 'a! re'ating to registered Trade nions.The ?aharashtra Re%ognition o Trade nions and re#ention o nair a$our ra%ti%es A%t( @7  Preamble ?A)ARA9)TRA A=T ;. : ;C @72.An A%t to pro#ide or the re%ognition o trade unions or a%i'itating %o''e%ti#e  $argaining or %ertain underta ings( to state their rights( and o$'igations> to %oner %ertain po!ers on unre%ognised unions> to pro#ide or de%'aring %ertain stri es and 'o% -outs as i''ega' stri es and 'o% -outs> to deine and pro#ide or the pre#ention o %ertain unair 'a$our pra%ti%es> to %onstitute %ourts as independent &a%hinery4 or %arrying out the purposes o a%%ording re%ognition to trade unions and or enor%ing the pro#isions re'ating to unair pra%ti%es> and to pro#ide or &atters %onne%ted !ith the purposes aoresaid. )EREA9( $y o#ern&ent Reso'ution( :ndustries and a$our Depart&ent( o. :DA. 3<7-AB-::( dated the 1th Ce$ruary @<8( the o#ern&ent o ?aharashtra appointed a =o&&ittee %a''ed 6the =o&&ittee on nair a$our ra%ti%es6 or deining %ertain a%ti#ities o e&p'oyers and !or ers and their organisations !hi%h shou'd $e treated as unair 'a$our pra%ti%es and or suggesting a%tion !hi%h shou'd $e ta en against e&p'oyers or !or ers( or their organisations( or 
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