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Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils International Federation of Consulting Engineers Internationale Vereinigung Beratender Ingenieure Federación Internacional de Ingenieros Consultores
  Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-ConseilsInternational Federation of Consulting EngineersInternationale Vereinigung Beratender IngenieureFederación Internacional de Ingenieros Consultores Client & Consultant Model Services Agreement AGREEMENTGENERAL CONDITIONSPARTICULAR CONDITIONSAPPENDICESA, BANDC THIRDEDITION 2005ISBN 2 –88432 –046 –6   E X  C L  U  S I  V E  U  S E D A M S I  MP L E ME N T A T I   ON  U N I  T  , S  U D A N  U N T I  L E N D  J A N  U A R Y 2  0  0  9     FIDIC   is an international federation of national associations of consulting engineers.   IDIC was founded in 1923 by three national associations of consulting engineers within Europe. The objectives of forming the federation were to promote in common the professional interests of the member associations and to disseminate information of interest to members of its component national associations. oday FIDIC membership numbers more than 60 countries from all  parts of the globe and the federation represents most of the private  practice consulting engineers in the world. IDIC arranges seminars, conferences and other events in the furtherance of its goals: maintenance of high ethical and professional standards; exchange of views and information; discussion of problems of mutual concern among member associations and representatives of the international financial institutions; and development of the engineering  profession in developing countries. IDIC publications include proceedings of various conferences and seminars, information for consulting engineers, project owners and international development agencies, standard pre-qualification forms, contract documents and client/consultant agreements. They are available from the secretariat in Switzerland Published by © Copyright FIDIC 1998  Fédération Internationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils (FIDIC) P.O. Box 86 All rights reserved. CH-1000 Lausanne 12  No part of this publication Switzerland may be reproduced Phone +41 21 654 44 11 or transmitted in any Fax +41 21 653 54 32 form or by means without E-mail fidic@fidic.org  permission of the publisher.   WWW http://www.fidic.org F T F   F   E X  C L  U  S I  V E  U  S E D A M S I  MP L E ME N T A T I   ON  U N I  T  , S  U D A N  U N T I  L E N D  J A N  U A R Y 2  0  0  9     FEDERATION INTERNATIONALE DES INGENIEURS-CONSEILS INTERNATIONAL FEDERATION OF CONSULTING ENGINEERS INTERNATIONALE VEREINIGUNG BERATENDER INGENIEURE FEDERACION   INTERNACIONAL   DE INGENIEROS CONSULTORES CLIENT / CONSULTANT MODEL SERVICES AGREEMENT   GENERAL CONDITIONS PARTICULAR CONDITIONS APPENDICES A, B and C   Third Edition 1998 – ISBN 2-88432-015-6 E X  C L  U  S I  V E  U  S E D A M S I  MP L E ME N T A T I   ON  U N I  T  , S  U D A N  U N T I  L E N D  J A N  U A R Y 2  0  0  9     FOREWORD he terms of the Client/Consultant Model Services Agreement (The White Book) have been prepared by the Fédération Intenationale des Ingénieurs-Conseils (FIDIC) and are recommended for general use for the  purposes of pre-investment and feasibility studies, designs and administration of construction and project management, where proposals for such services are invited on an international basis. They are equally adaptable for domestic agreements. he version in English is considered by FIDIC as the official and authentic text for the purpose of translation. n their preparation it was recognised that while there are numerous clauses which will be generally applicable there are some provisions which must necessarily vary to take account of the circumstances and locality in which the Services are to be performed. The clauses of general application have been grouped together in this document and are referred to as General Conditions. They are intended for incorporation as printed in the documents comprising the Agreement.   he General Conditions are linked with the Particular Conditions by the corresponding numbering of the clauses, so that General Conditions and Particular Conditions together comprise the conditions governing the rights and obligations of the parties.   he Particular Conditions must be specially drafted to suit each individual Agreement and type of Service. That part of the text of the Particular Conditions which must be completed is printed on sheets which may be removed for incorporation with additional clauses. IDIC has published the “White Book Guide” which includes comments on clauses in the Model Services Agreement and notes towards the preparation of Appendices A, B and C (“Scope of Services”, “Personnel, Equipment, Facilities and Services of Others to be Provided by the Client” and “Remuneration and Payment”). t may also be helpful for users to refer to the other FIDIC publications, which can be found in the Bookshop of FIDIC's website at www.fidic.org. T T I T   T F I E X  C L  U  S I  V E  U  S E D A M S I  MP L E ME N T A T I   ON  U N I  T  , S  U D A N  U N T I  L E N D  J A N  U A R Y 2  0  0  9 
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