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HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT- Functions,objectives,roles,audit,enrichment,enlargement.
  S.R.P** 3 RD TERM-HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Page 201    MCM312 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Lesson PlanCourse Objective ”: To understand how Human Behavior affects Workplace Dynamics.To apply the principles Human approach to Business i.e. using the Human Relations to MaximizeIndividual and Organizational Goals.   Course Content  I. Recruitment & Selection Process    II Retainment Process   1. Understanding the Self : Individual drives, motives, perceptions, values, attitudes.2. Understanding others : Interpersonal and Group Behavior3. Group Dynamics : Conflict and Resolution, Power and Organizational Politics.  4. Change and its Effect : Managing change. Stress and Counseling.5 .Human Relations1 : Fundamental Concepts - nature of people, nature of organizations.6. HR Management :Team building. Career planning. Succession planning.7. Communication.  8. Motivation.  9. Change management.   10. HR audit .11. HRM surveys and study methods .: Role of HRD in improving quality of products and services,efficiency and effectiveness of individuals, technology, productivity and incomes.12. Training and development .:Job enrichment and enlargement. Job rotation.13. Leadership and Empowerment ; Empowerment and participation.14. Emerging Aspects of HR: Managing diversity, managing a techno-savvy workforce. 15. Retirement  Text Books     Beach, S. Dale, Personnel - The Management of People at Work     Biddle Derek & Robin Evendor, Human Aspects of Management.     Reference books     Hall.H;Richard  – Organizations.     Newstrom W, John & Keith Davis  – Human Behaviour at Work.     Rao P Subba  – Human Aspects of Managements.          Human Resource Management     S.R.P** 3 RD TERM-HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Page 202 HRM is Recruitment, Retainment, & Retirement with an objective of motivating people to attain Competencies for Performance Perfection in their Respective Roles in an Enterprise.   HUMAN: A person showing concern for others with qualities such as kindness, rational, reasonableand capable of using intelligence for peaceful co-existence. RESOURCE :An action adopted in advance to acquire the ability to develop required assets toovercome difficulties. HRMCONCEPTS  THE ENTERPRISE ACTS, ACTIONS, AND ACTIVITIES SHALL MATCH WITH HRM IDEAS,IDEALS AND GOALS.    HUMAN ASSET  - A CENTRE TO OTHER ASSESTS ENRICHMENT.    HUMAN PROGRESS  - KEY TO BUSINESS SUCCESS.    HUMAN BUSINESS  - A GAME ALL TO PLAY FOR A WIN.    HUMAN TEAM  - CONSULTATIVE & PARTICIPATIVE CULTURE.    HUMAN PRIDE  - PEACEFUL CO-EXISTENCE.    Recruitment Process  Recruitment is Engaging people to work in an organization.  Employment is a person‟s Profession.    Profession: A Job that needs training and formal qualification.  Job: A paid Position of a regular Employment.  Position is a group of tasks assigned to one individual.There are as many Positions in an Organization as there are Personnel.  Job is a group of Positions.  Occupation is a group of Jobs JOB ANALYSIS Job Analysis is the process of studying and collecting information relating to a specific job.JA is having two parts1.Job Description.2.JobSpecification(Person Specification)Job DescriptionJob description is an organized, factual statement of the duties and responsibilities of aspecific job.Job SpecificationJob specification is a statement of minimum acceptable human qualities to perform a jobproperly.  S.R.P** 3 RD TERM-HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Page 203 “ Person Specification for anyRight Person, at Right Time for Right Job . ”  1. Physical Qualification - Good health and vigor.2. Mental Qualification - Ability to understand, learn, judge, adopt and predict.3. Moral Qualification - Energy, firmness, willingness to accept responsibility, initiative, loyalty,tact, dignity.4. Academic Qualification - Knowledge of one's own field and ability to work with thetechniques of other disciplines.5. Technical Qualification - Expertise in one's own profession.6. Experience Qualification - Performance in the past which a person is able to analyze, codifyand use for work in future.7. Job Evaluation “ Job evaluation is a systematic and orderly process of determining the worth ofa job in relation to other jobs.This is the consideration for employment in a position for rendering services to an organization.8. Work Load Analysis:A systematic way of understanding and calculating the total work load andthe no of people required to perform perfectly the job in all aspects in a specific time schedule. Role Analysis A Role would consist of the total pattern of expected behaviour. interaction and sentiments forindividual holding the Job.As such the Job incumbent is exposed to a number of personnel who often expected differentattitudes and behaviour patterns.Thus establishing the potential for substantial Role conflict.1. Job Advertisement  - Communication to Employment Exchanges- Notice Board display.- Voluntary Applications- Press Notification- Placement Agencies.2. Applications Screening.  A process of Selecting a set of applications wrt JD & JS3. Call Letter for written Tests, GDs & Interviews  This has to be prepared clearly mentioning  – the position for which WT, GD & I are beingconducted, the date, time & Venue etc.4. Employment Offer letter  It shall be mentioned clearly  – The offer, the consideration (remuneration), the date of joining,Medical fitness and the mode of acceptance required.5. Medical Test  This has to be conducted by the authorized medical officer of the organization and the medicalfitness is wrt the position offered in the organization.7. Joining Report  It shall contain the location, the dept in the organization, designation, the reporting authorityand the time & date of reporting8. New Incumbent Induction Program    S.R.P** 3 RD TERM-HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT Page 204 Induction is a two-way process, the one understanding the other. Employee must really beinformed of the Environment in which he has to work. What Contribution is expected of him tomeet the Challenges? The induction program should be designed in such a way to promotethe philosophy of clarity, responsibility & required ability. Global Job Security In the 21st Century Employment in not the security.Employability is the security.Employability = Capability + CopabilityCapability is an ability to prepare for an action physically by acquiring hard skillssuch as academic/professional qualifications, technical practicals etc. Cop ability is the energy that the Human system positively responds to face an unpredictableenvironment by acquiring Soft Skills-SS.  SS is judging people: not only just by how smart they are, or the degree of their expertise, butalso by how they handle each other and themselves.  SS is increasingly applied in choosing who will be recruited and who is retained from theexisting lot.  SS predict who is most likely to become a Star Performer.  SS measure the traits that are crucial to the Employability.  SS is the inward energy that shows as Perfection in Performance.  SS are internalized principles and patterns of behavior for enhancement of character inindividuals aimed at achieving moral transformation.  SS are in harmony with nature, and lead to sequential and highly integrated approach toachieve Personal and Interpersonal Effectiveness.  The emerging Business Environment in the Twenty-first century is bound to open up a plethoraof challenges both for Individuals & Organizations.The factors underlying these challenges are intensifying competition, increasing customersophistication, rapid technological change, and globalization of markets, environmental turbulenceand uncertainty.
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