63583676 Management Aspects in Hydrocarbon Exploration

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    MANAGEMENT ASPECTS IN HYDROCARBON EXPLORATION   1. A project has got A. Defined start and defined endB. Defined start and regular production after defined endC. Regular production and activitiesD. Defined for start and continuing expansion programmes2. Continued efforts for conservation of energy come under A. Routine wor B. Research wor C. !roject wor D. aintenance wor #. $fforts for enhanced and %etter &uality output is considered as A. Research wor B. !roject wor C. Regular activityD. All of the a%ove'. A procedural !lan that indicates time and se&uence of each operation is called A. AgendaB. !lanC. !rogramD. All of the a%ove(. )he first step in project management is A. *inancingB. !roject definition and scopeC. ContractingD. )echnical design+. ,inear scheduling methods are effective in A. -e&uential operationsB. !arallel operationsC. A mix of these twoD. All of the a%ove. *ailure to mae a schedule will result inA. )ime lossB. oney lossC. /uality impairmentD. All of the a%ove  0. Duration is well shown %ut not se&uence in A. antt chartB. !ert chartC. Critical path methodD. All of the a%ove. Completion time having the highest pro%a%ility is A. 3ptimistic timeB. ost liely timeC. $xpected timeD. !essimistic time14. !$R) is A. !rogress $valuation and Review )echni&ue.B. !rogram $valuation and Review )echni&ueC. !roject $nergy and Rating )imeD. !lan $xecution and Review )echni&ue11. *irst step in $&uipment procurement is A. 5eed identificationB. Administrative ApprovalC. Budget provisionD. )endering12. 6f four %ids &uotations are evaluated and the grades are ,77,77,#7 and ,'7 which is the third lowest &uotation. A. ,7B. ,2C. ,#D. ,'1#. 6f four &uotations are evaluated and the grades are ,17,77,#7 and ,' which is the highest &uote.A. ,7B. ,C. ,#D. ,'D1'.Census num%er is all allocated toA. -u% assem%liesB. -pare !artsC. Capital $&uipmentD. All of the a%ove  1(. 8ow procurement of spares is initiated A. By considering the cost of the capital e&uipmentB. By taing into consideration the ey role played %y the e&uipmentC. By 9$D analysisD. By past experience1+. Reduction of procuring costs: over heads cam %e achieved %yA. !rocuring as and when re&uired.B. Clu%%ing the re&uirements of various ,ocationsC. Bargaining for %ul purchase discountsD. BandC1. ;hich of the following is a replace%le item A. ud chemicalB. ud !ump pistonC. -eismic $xplosivesD. Cotton waste10. Reduction of inventory is possi%le %y A. -tand ardisation of e&uipmentB. -tocing in Regiona<central warehousesC. Computerised stoc information and legislation to free movement of things  %etween projectsD. All of the a%ove1. Rig cycle is fromA. -pudding to completion of drilling to target depthB. Rig moving in to Rig moving outC. Rig moving in to testing of the hori=onD. -pudding to completion of the well including last perforation and testing.24. Critical !ath ethod was developed %y A. ,aversonB. -ematC. DupontD. 5ewtonD21.;ho defined the 1' principles of managementA. DupontB. !eter Druer C. *A>3,D. Dale carnigee22. -upervision meansA. $xercising authority over su%ordinatesB. *inding faults in the wor executed %y su%ordinatesC. )o have superior vision and guide the su%ordinatesD. )o %e vigilant and discipline the su%ordinates  2#. -cientific management meansA. ,inear movement with easy flowB. ,inear movement with regulated flowC. ovement with %ac and forth time and motionD. ,inear movement with uncheced forward flow2'. A competent manager A. ,eads peopleB. Administers rulesC. Achieves resultsD. All of the a%ove2(.Ancient 6ndian who defined functional organi=ation.A. 9araha ihiraB. ?autilyaC. ChanayaD. Bhasara Bhatta2+.Corporate planning isA. An analytical process with no hunchesB. *inancial estimationC. -chedule of operationsD. *raming of rules and regulations.2.Authoritative management is classified under A. @ theoryB. > theoryC.  theoryD. / theoryD20.A good manager should %e aA. A good worer B. A good developer C. A good leader D. All of the a%ove2. aximum increase in productivity is due toA. -ystems and management guide lines.B. !roper wor environmentC. Cordial human relationsD. )echnology change
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