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By Bethany J. Royer Piqua Daily Call Originally published 8/15/2013
  Budding competition By Bethany J. Royer Piqua Daily CallOriginally published 8/15/21!  PIQUA - A sign proclaiming judging in progress, no entry greeted those entering the horticultural building at the Miami County fairgrounds uesday afternoon! As the tables and displays laden ith e#erything from singular roses and sunfloers, to herbs of e#ery #ariety and large dahlias in one corner of the enclosure ere under the seasoned eye of $oris %ager, master judge for the &'() *hio Association of +arden Clubs *A+C .loer /ho!Under direction of the Miami County Council of +arden Clubs, %ager0s mission as to use her mi1ture of e1perience and e1pertise to determine first, second, and third place ribbon inners along ith the co#eted 2est of /ho inners for those entered in this year0s theme of /ports and 3eisure!4ibbons ere to be presented in the categories of traditional, modern, miniature, distinction, and junior artistic design!Along ith %ager and esteemed garden club members, Marian Moec5el, co-chair of the sho, as on hand to pro#ide behind-the-scenes information to the popular e#ent, specifically the judging methods! he latter based upon *A+C rules pro#ided to all entrants in the floer sho, a ma5e-up of long-time garden club members and the public! hat0s hat the judges are going to use to judge it floers, e1plained Moec5el of the *A+C rules hile discussing similar e#ents area club members ta5e part in such as state le#el competitions and designer learning opportunities through their *A+C membership!+i#en there0s a challenge in judging floers, especially hen entries may consist of to or more in the same class - roses, annuals, perennials, herbs, hostas, grasses, and other foliage - folloing the *A+C is imperati#e! 6ou0#e got to follo the rules, hat you learned in your boo5, says %ager of the Miami County .air .loer /ho /chedule and 4ules boo5! %oe#er, hen it comes to finding a inner, sometimes it boils don to a particular floer or display that pops!*r as %ager stated, /omething just loo5s at you and - that0s it! 7udges ha#e to be dedicated to the process, %ager began careful deliberations o#er the entries at ('89: a!m! that morning and did not finish until ell after ( p!m! Meanhile, attendants in the audience, aforementioned area garden club members and public-at-large entrants, those #ery indi#iduals ho too5 time to follo the e1tensi#e rules of specific arrangement si;es and design-space dimensions, along ith no artificial plant materials and more, patiently aited for the results!%ager noted there ere <uite a fe herbs entered this year, an area she finds personally challenging as she does not gro #ery many #arieties - or use - herbs!  /he does enjoy dahlias and roses, but is <uic5 to emphasi;e, =e can0t pic5 out hat e li5e! In the end, at the close of another floer sho e#ent, the &'() 2est of /ho inners for the *hio Association of +arden Clubs *A+C .loer /ho of the Miami County Council of +arden Clubs included8 Matthe %erron, 4! /mith, 2ill Mc>inney, /andy .isher, Pat /mith and Marian Moec5el!.or those ho ha#e an interest in floer sho competitions but ha#e not ta5en the ne1t step, %ager ad#ises the best place to start is to join a local garden club!3oo5 for Moec5el and %ager as judges at ne1t ee50s +reat $ar5e County .air floer sho!
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