Chapter 3 and 4 Test review

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Chapter 3 and 4 Test review. Reserved powers—. powers left to the states (10 th amend) (establish schools). Expressed powers- . listed in the constitution for the national government (declare war). Concurrent power-. power shared by both national and state government (tax).
Chapter 3 and 4 Test reviewReserved powers—
  • powers left to the states (10th amend) (establish schools)
  • Expressed powers-
  • listed in the constitution for the national government (declare war)
  • Concurrent power-
  • power shared by both national and state government (tax)
  • Inherent power-
  • MUST be held by national government (regulate immigration, acquire territory)
  • Denied powers-
  • not allowed by any level of government (Titles of nobility- no kings and queens)
  • “Supreme law of the land”-
  • US Constitution and all Federal Laws
  • Extradition-
  • criminals are returned to the state in which the crime was committed
  • Formal Amendments-
  • 2/3 Congress proposed-- ¾ State legislatures approves ( most used method)
  • Changes actual wording of Constitution
  • Total # of amendments-
  • 27
  • 1st 10 are the bill of rights
  • Judicial review-
  • power of the Supreme court
  • established by Marbury v. Madison
  • allows Court to declare acts unconstitutional
  • Bill of Rights-
  • 1st 10 amendments
  • added to constitution after ratification
  • protections of individual liberties
  • Informal Changes to the constitution
  • changes the interpretation not the wording
  • 1. Court decisions- rulings by court affects interpretation of laws
  • 2. Basic Legislation- laws passed by Congress either add or subtract power from the the Constitution
  • Informal Changes to the constitution
  • 3. Executive actions- orders given by the president that have the same weight as law
  • 4. Custom- Things done forever that are not mentioned in the constitution ( cabinet)
  • 5. Party Practices- the actions of political parties ( nominations)
  • Writ of Mandamus-
  • Forces a public official to carry out their duty
  • Declared unconstitutional in Marbury v. Madison
  • Amendments-
  • 13th-Prohibits slavery
  • 16th- Allowed income tax
  • 19th- Women vote
  • 21st- ended prohibition
  • 26th- 18 yr. olds vote
  • Checks and balances-
  • President Appoints/ Senate approves
  • Judicial branch check- declare actions unconstitutional
  • President veto power- overruled by 2/3 vote of Congress
  • Impeachment power- held by Congress
  • Federalism-
  • Federal, State, Both, Neither
  • Coining money- Federal
  • Making someone a king- neither
  • Changing zip codes- Federal
  • Approving a treaty- Federal
  • Requirements for high school graduation- state
  • Federalism-
  • Borrowing money- both
  • Taxing citizens- both
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