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  $HUN$HH&Ur$ A.I I NDEPENDENT UBLICA.T ON F ORTHODOX HURCH OPINIOI',JCctober' 997Voi 9. No 10 (65)Republieatron ermitted pon acknowledgment f soureePlease emernber hat both he Russranour readers. we wrli gratefulty accept anysubscripiions o our vanous sourcesand English ersions exist only on the basis of the voiuntary upport ofdonatrons o cover the costs of puOiisnrng. arirng nd maintainingCF|URCH NEIAfS639 Cenier StreetOradell. J07679  1AN IRREPLACEABLE OSS FOR THE RUSSIAN RTHODOX HURCH BROADDuring he night of Octobei' 17130-18131 he guardian of the miraculous myrrh-streaming ortaitissa con of theTheotokos f lveron ceiebrated n Nov. 24), Jose N{ufroz-Cortes. as viciously murdei'ed n Athens. Known hroughoutthe Russian Ciaspora, e belongeci c a famiiy cf hereditary Spanish diplomats nd was born n Chile, where his fatherserved as ambassador. When still quite young he was attracted o the Orthodox Church n Santiago, ecame closely,acquainted ith Archbishop eonty and conver ted o Orihodoxy He is srii'vived y an elderly mothei wo sisters and abrother, who is an ambassador o one of the Scandinavian ounti-resSince he tirne v'rhen ose n a miraculous manner eceived he ccn (tc rr,'hich e .,vas very attracted) rom one ofthe sketes on Mt. Athos and which after a few weeks started o exude -nyrrh. ose became he faithful guardran f thissacred con and took upon himself he podvrg of wandering Never eaving he icon alone. or'15 year s e constantlytraveled with it, visiting parishes of the Church Abroad which are scattered not only over many countries, but evenvarious ontinents. Once he said hat it was very rare or him to spend 3 consecutive eeks n his own apartment n thecourse of a year.These ravels. which he was constantly ndertakrng or the comfort f the faithful, ery seriously undermined ishealth. although he appeared o nave a Herculean constitution. Suffering rom a severe case of diabetes. a heartcondition nd a chronic nidciie ar rnfectron he overcame il these ailments and woulcj eadiiy accept any invitatron ovisit parishes and sometimes vefr very srck rndividuals) nd witl-rout bjection went wherever he was askecl o go.Being extremely ompassionaie oward anyone's miseries, ose often would give he needy all the money he had in hiswallet. ithough e himseif ad c live on a very humble ncome. Due o his constant ravels, e only occasionally ouldfiil an crder o paint aR rcon aithcugh ne nad quiie a ferv equests.Only 311st is ,rioient jeath drd t became known hat he had been secretly onsured on Mt. Athos n the sameskete rom which he had receivec he miraculous con, or only very ew selected riends knew of thisFi'. Joseph iient o Greece because he had to retrieve a lettei eft oi- him rom his elder, who i'eposed ot longago. At the same rme bernq talented conographer, e wanted o see an icon exhibit n Thessalonica. ut he, as wellas Fr, Alexander wasze\r\rrcz\Nere ot permrtted o enter Mt AthosThe last person o see hrm 211y as Fr. Alexander waszewicz rom Ar-gentina. s they sat in a small earoom atthe hotel where Jose was stayrng he was approached y a Romanian man, who said hat his vrsa had expired, ut hathe badly wanted o go to Canada nd asked ose o help him. Jose, who would never efuse request, ent with him ohis roorn o write down nformation i seems hat he next day the Romanran sked him to go to his room n anotherhotel where he was murdered Some rme after midnight, hrs man hastily walked rom he hotel and satd o a porter hathe wanted o buy some water and soon De bacK. He never came back, but n the morning ose's body was cjiscovered nhis room, ying on a bed Hrs arms and egs were ieci p and mouth eaied wiih a iape. lt is suspected hat his kiiier ofshort burld had an accompiicejust brtefly befoi'e ts madyi'ic eath Jose, ogether with Fr. Aiexander isited he isiand of Andros ln one of tsmonastei'ies here s an myri-h-flo' ving con of the Theotokos nd as well as an ancient resco, also of the Theotokos withthe Christ Chili, which scmetrmes heds tears The service had finished when they arrived, but one mcnk cpenedchurch or them so they could pray At that rrne e noticed hat he icon was crying, which had not happened uring hemorning ei-vice. The monks have noticed hat his icon cries oniy when something errible has happenecl r is about o -^^^^^ ^ 'h^ '^'^'t/ As Fi Alexander rote 'We wrth Bi' Joseph, nderstood hat his event s connected ith us oi' iqyPgii il|urg wut tu. with our Church. After hat Br. Joseph on several cccasions olc me that he felt that something errible would hapoenand very soon, but he did not know what He spoke of rt quite caimiy. I believe, Fr Alexander oncludes is account, that without any doubt he lcon eried because of the death of Br Joseph, but not ust because of hrs death but becausehis death s the present, isible part of a grant ceberg Those who hate he sacrecj nd he saints on many occasions hreatened r'. oseph by telephone n CanadaNow that he has perished. his immaculate eputation s being suddenly besmirched y someone with loads ofsordid nsinuations, lthough when he was alive nothrng f the sort was ever said of him. The vrle slanderer-murdererwas arrested.It is hard to reconciie oneself o the ihought hat Fr Joseph s no longer with us ancj hat ihe lcon. which heguarded with such ove and veneration robrably ill no ionger vrsit all the little corners of the Russian diaspora and thecotton wads saturated with myrrh - which he so generously ave oui all over he woi'ld - may disappear with time. Butone thing is clear. No matter where here is a photograph f this icon, hose who pray before t, without doubt. willrernember n their prayers ts guardian, Fr. Joseph. as we know him now.Annnrrlinn n i6fsrn2{i6n iven on the lnternet y the Synod office, he lcon s in a safe plaee and Fr. Joseph wasburied according o his desii'e n the cernetery f Hoiy Triniiy Monastery n Joi danvilie n Nov 6/12 Archbishop aurusofficiated with 18 priests. Another 20 clei'gy were present as well as a multitude f the faiihful. After hesitating boutopening he coffin, t was decided o go ahead. And when the plastic covering around he body was cpened a sweet  zfragrance was noted by some. lt was also noied by some hat although he had reposed almost wo weeks earlier, herewere no signs of corruption. ABOUT OOD NTENTIONS ND SORRY EALITY Our editors eceived he following rom a prrest of the RFOC outsrde Moscow who was a noted ournalist anciwhose amily s weil known n Russia. Vesttrik The Herald) of the Diccese of Gern any {#4 1997) published n extensive rticle byArchbishop Mark, entitled The Siiength :f ihe Church Lies n the Unrty of Farth and Love . li descr ibesthe possible approchement nd frnai unrfrcation f the Russian Orthodcr Church and the MoscowPairiarchate.For a person istant rom church elated roblems he reasoning f the Archb'rshop ay appearobjective nd persuasive Br Jt he reader who is acquainteci ot by hearsay wrth he present situation fRussian Orthodoxy. ill react o the article of Vladyka Mark wrth caution lt rs not that rhere s present nthe article trect alsehood but rather t is evident hat many hinqs are passed ver n silence and hisin particular ermits he autlror o drsplay decided optinrisnr, rr spiie of the verf sad reality v*hrchsurrounds sln his articie Archbrshop Mark in particular, ouches on an acute ssue - the involvement f theMoscow Patriarchate n Ecumenrsm He writes: Today we see on the part of a substantiai umber ofclergy ancl aiiir n Russra a decrded epulsion oward unheaithv developments n the field of coniactswith he iieterociox But aias noi a singie word s mentioned boui he people, aiied neo-renovationists n Russia.who over the coui-se of decades have propagated noi without success) he idea of blending aiiccnfessioirs Nothrng S Ssrd about he substantiai unrbers f the eprscopate f the Patriarchate hat areproteges of l'lettopot,tan N,kodim (Rotov) of sorry memory -- one of the pillars of contemporaryEcumenism. nd nothrng s neniioned bout one of the main ecclesiastical chools of contemporaryRussta nenlel)/ f S: Petersburg ,^rhtch as and remains hothouse f thrs pan-heresy Vladyka Mark rvrrtes We are guardedly bserving he form taken on the part of the MoscowPatrtarchate n her cooperation ith he contemporary ussian overnment. hen he eadershrp f theMoscow Patrtarchate ries o supoort with her authority he thoughtless nd inconsistent olicy of theqovernmeni Are not the splendid eremonies nvolving he partrcrpaiion f church hierarchs nddistinguished oltttcal ersonalities. hich are broadcast n television, dangerous rnitatron f the'symphony' of Churcn nd state? And agarn silence One cannot suppose hat the Archbishop s totally gnorant f the shamefulfacts of ccliaboration y the hrerarchs n business ieids the trade n oil and diamonds, scandalousaffair nvolvtng he saie of tobacco and alcohol, he story of a Christian bank which cheatecj ll itsdeposrtors nd so on ancj nAnd meanwnrie ust Decause of this very close unity of business partners with treasuryembezzlei-s he Patrtai-chate s unabie o fuifili he function which rs so pressingiy 'equired rom theChrrrch n cui- inres to beccnre fcrce whrch wcuid ake he ead n the rebirth f Russia - spiritually sweil as patrioticailyHis Eminence aments, lt rs sad that he glorlfrcation f the New Mar-tyr-s nd in particular f theholy Passion-bearers - the mperia amrly - proceeds o slowly The arguments bout hrs proceed yconvoluted paths that are strange o us Until the last bishops' counci t seemed even judging bydocuments ublished by the commission or glorrfrcatron. hat the lclng awaited move would come, or'there were signs that the glorification would take place at the Local Council. So far there is nomovement. We already publicized sentence which was spoken n a private onversation y one influentialMoscow hierarch: All of us -- including he Patriarch - acknowledge hat Tsar Nicholas s a saint. Butwe cannot glorify him, because both he'democrats' nd Communists' will be against us. In the light ofthis open deciaration, the convoiuted paths and absence of the long awaited move become quiteunderstandabie. he reason or it is the very same cowardice nd obeciience o the authorities hich headherents o the sorry memory of Metropolitan ergius Stragorodsky) ave drspiayed ince 1927.At ihe encj of his anicle Vladyka Mark puts orward a number of proposals which, n his opinion,eould heip unite he separated parts of ihe Russian Chur ch. The first is io convene an ali-diaspoi-aCouncil, which wculd cccupy tself with issues of the relationship ;ith Moscow Patriarchate nd fr.rrtherdevelopment f that relationship.   3But, alas' one has to say that he Church Abroad has come o such a degree of degradation ndadministrative haos hat a true all-diaspora ouncil which could equal hose of former tmes s out ofquestion' What happened ast summer n Hebron estifies o this moi-e han eloquent words can say.ln addition he German Archotshop roposes tarting the serrsus work of preparation or tne all-Russian ouncil And this s a totally absurd dea. it is a common nowleclge hat there s no conciiiaritywhatsoever n the fuloscow atriarchate. eeause he full power beiongs o the Synod and it in generJlanswers o no one and has 150 obedient and voiceless bishops So how can one in such an situationdream of a general Council?The very ast proposal f Vladyka lark is to horoughly nvestlgate he kind cf thinking of such avenerable ierarch s New Martyr Metropolitan yrill Srnirnov) f Kazan,, hose blameless cclesiologype 'mits' while retaining an uncompromrsing pproach o the pur ity f the canons and dogmas, atiodistinctions n the practical orms of their er^nbodiment.',Probably, he author has in mind here an opinion which was expressed y Metropolitan yrill nhis letter of 2l15th of May. 1929 ..The blame or the commemoration f ihe name of MetropolitanSergius annot be placed upon ay people and should not serve as an obstacle o therr attendance t theservices and receiving he Holy Gifts n churches which are under Metropolitan ergius. f there is nochurch n their neighborhood hich preserves nimpaired ts canonical elationship oward he Deputy ofthe Locum Tenens of the Patriarchal hrone. This opinion of Hreromartyr yrill s common knowledge, ut it was expressed n those distantttmes when he Sergianrst hurch nad not yet immersed tself n Ecumenism. orruptron, usiness andher bishops were noi appointed y he Lubianka... [the nfamous eaciquarters nd prison of the KGB]Undoubtedly, his article by Vladyka Mark was dictaied by the very best of intentions. But oneshould not fcrget that such inientions. f not conjoined with sobriety and sound reasoning, uite oftenlead nol to the unity of faith and ove but to the place, whei e here s heard the waiiing and gnashing fteeth. November. 997 MoscowA.rchpriest ichael A.rdovA BRILLIANT TRATEGIC AMOUFLAGE Y ARCHBISHOP ARK OF BERLIN ND GERMANY Vestnik Herald) f the Diocese f Germany 4 (1997) published long articte y Archbrshop ark, entiled The Strength f the Church s in the Unrty of Faith and Love This artrcle f 5 plges is too long or our publication oreprint t in full, but we will quote he most mportant tatements.It seems. hat Archbishop Mark himself attaches great mportance o it because he author's name ts nor ontyprtnted above he titie. but we find his handwritten ignature lso at the end of the article The direct citatrons, o makeihem clearer we have put in italics, while using bold ace for the most mportant entences Our commeniaries n thistext are rn eguiar rrntThe thoughts which are expounded n this document cottected ver several monihs of the first hatf of 1gg7. Theexpulsion ai the begrnntng f Juiy of our ntanks rom Hoty Trinity Manastery near Abraham's Cak in Hebron n front afrepresettfatives af the Moscow Patriarchate who, as if mocking the angelic habit, were dress ed in manastiegarments felt ltke a knife piercing my hear-tThe Moscow Patriarchate once more showed lfs Sovref srcins, an imperiatistic spirit and that her powerstructures are ready to trample on the dignity of Church and person *ith ae eption and violence - andseemingly t wauld be naturat ust fo c/ose the question of our relationship with the Moscow patriarchate.I refused to follow such a simple solution, atthough t expect that once again I will face slander. As before,I believe hat we are responsible or our ecclesiastical ourse before atl he Russran Ofthodox peopte, and not onty - andeven less so '- before fhose structures incorrigibty accustomed to a thirst for pow'er, which, unfartunately,successtully use fhe name of the Russran Church to cover fhernse/yes up. Therefare, publish my thoughts n thistheme in the same manner as they occurred prior to the events n the Holy Land, which, unfortunateiy, disgraces thewhale Russian Church.Now: what part of the Russian Church rn particular does Archbishop Mark have in mind? The MoscowPatriarchate r the ROCA, or maybe both of them?The thoughts ollected by Archbrshop Mark during he several months of the first half of 1gg7, demand a veryconcentrateci nd repeated e-reaciing f hrs ariicle n order o be abie o aporaise his basic heme. He has rnastereci heR.ussian artguage tsrfectly nd therefore his reticence ncj sometimes nclear phrasing make one believe hat this isdone on purpose.Archbishop Mark starts his article with information bout his well known visit to Tver and the co;-i-espondencebetween him and Metropclitan italy, which was widely publicized. Then he briefly ists he facts egarding he Ukaz of
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