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Comparing with er & est. Lesson 125. Comparing with er & est. Use er and est to compare how things are alike and different. Both adjectives and adverbs use er and est to compare. Comparing with er & est.
Comparing with er & est Lesson 125 Comparing with er & est Use er and est to compare how things are alike and different. Both adjectives and adverbs use er and est to compare. Comparing with er & est Adjectives may be used to compare two or more people, places, or things. Adverbs may be used to compare two or more actions. Comparing with er & est Add the suffix er to short adjectives or adverbs to compare two. Add the suffix est to compare more than two. Comparing with er & est Some adjectives change the spelling of the word when adding er or est. Adverbs do not change their spellings. When an adjective ends in a consonant and y, change the y to i before adding er or est. Comparing with er & est When an adjective ends with an e, drop the e before adding er or est. When an adjective has only one vowel and ends in a consonant, double the final consonant before adding er or est. Guided Practice 1. funny funnier funniest Guided Practice 2. slow slower slowest Guided Practice 4. The red racer snake moves the (faster, fastest) of any desert snake. Guided Practice 5. The temperature in desert regions is (hotter, hottest) than in mountain regions. Guided Practice 7. A dingo is a ____ desert animal than an armadillo lizard. louder Guided Practice 8. The roadrunner runs the ____ of any bird in the desert. fastest Independent Practice 1. great greater greatest Independent Practice 2. rainy rainier rainiest Independent Practice 6. The camel is (larger, largest) than a horse. Independent Practice 7. Camels can survive (long, longer) without drinking water than people. Independent Practice 11. It is ____ for a camel to walk on sand than for a horse. easier Apply and Write Many stories have been written about camels living in the desert. What other information do you know about camels? Special Forms for Good & Bad Lesson 127 Good & Bad The words good and well are often confused in sentences. Good is always used as an adjective. Well is an adverb unless it is talking about someone’s health. Special Adjectives That Compare More than Two One Two good better best bad worse worst Special Adverbs That Compare More than Two One Two well better best badly worse worst Guided Practice 1. Dr. White is a ____ doctor. good Guided Practice 2. He does his job ____. well Guided Practice 4. Mom makes the (good, best) spaghetti of anyone I know. Guided Practice 5. The chocolate cake is (better, best) than the coconut cake. Guided Practice 8. He wrote (badly, worst) with his broken arm. Guided Practice 9. Thomas ran (worse, worst) in the second race. Independent Practice 1. They had a ____ time at the birthday party. good Independent Practice 2. Margo ran ____ in the race. well Independent Practice 6. The barber gave Tony a (good, best) haircut. Independent Practice 7. It was (worst, better) than his last haircut. Independent Practice 10. The storm (bad, badly) damaged the roof of our house. Independent Practice 11. He coughed (worse, worst) today than yesterday. Apply and Write Write one sentence using good correctly and one sentence using well correctly.
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