Covenant With Father Yhwh

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Covenant With Father Yhwh
  Page 1  of 11   ENTER into COVENANT with Father YHWH through His Ancient Paths Shalom to all reading this Teaching! For more than a year, the Ruwach (Spirit) of Father YHWH took me to the same Scripture over and over again. A Scripture that over time renewed my mind and changed my heart  profoundly, impacting my life and transforming the way in which I serve my precious Abbah Father! I can never be the same again . I can never serve my Father in the same way again . I am different —  I see different, I hear more clearly and am connected to my Father in a much deeper, more intimate level. I pray and trust that as you read this message, you will hear the voice of Ruwach (Spirit) clearly and allow Him to also renew your mind and change your heart , enabling you to enter into a DEEP and INTIMATE COVENANT RELATIONSHIP  with the ONE   that created and formed you in your mother’s womb. Please NOTE  that as an ordained, zealous, on-fire Charismatic Pastor, graduating top of my Theology Class, I was DECEIVED by the doctrines and traditions of Babylon  that infiltrated the churches where I fellowshipped. I was NOT in COVENANT with Father   YHWH, even though I thought I was . COVENANT is KEY ! I was kept in spiritual darkness and bondage  for many years, not been able to receive breakthroughs in certain areas of my life, because I was unknowingly serving a “ corrupt system ” .  The KEY that Ruwach (Spirit) of Father YHWH showed me was to ENTER INTO COVENANT with YHWH  through His ANCIENT Scriptural PATHS . Allow me the OPPORTUNITY to put your mind at rest . . . I am NOT  a Jew, nor do I belong to any CULT, SECT, RESTORED NAMES MOVEMENT or RELIGIOUS ORGANIZATION. I am NOT PERFECT, nor do I know or claim to know everything. I am merely a devout, zealous follower, lover and servant of Father YHWH —  IN COVENANT with Him through His Word, ordained by Him, seeking to PLEASE Him and walk in His ways, not serving Him and the world, but ONLY Him. My ENTIRE LIFE DEVOTED to Him -- in His service, in His kingdom! PLEASE NOTE that I quote Scriptures from a restored English “Bible” translation!  MattitYahu (Matthew) 6:33   “But seek first the reign of Eloah (Almighty) , and His righteousness , and all these matters  shall be added to you. If we UNDERSTAND Mat 6:33 correctly, we will know that we must FIRST seek the REIGN  of YHWH and His righteousness , BEFORE  all these matters will be added to us. There are TWO CONDITIONS  to receiving all that we need every day! We must SEEK the REIGN (KINGDOM)  of our FATHER and then WALK in IT  ( RIGHTEOUSNESS is walking in OBEDIENCE  to Father YHWH’S  Word and observing and guarding all that He has commanded us  through it).  Page 2  of 11    YirmeYahu   (Jeremiah) 6:16  This is what YAHUWAH says: Stand by the roadways and look.  Ask about the ANCIENT paths : Which is the way to what is GOOD ? Then TAKE IT  and find REST  for yourselves. But they PROTESTED: We won't! What are the ancient paths of YHWH?  It is OBEDIENCE to the incorruptible Word of Father YHWH  that has been perverted and contaminated by man through religion, culture, the doctrines and traditions of man, including mis-translations of Scripture. It is the RETURN to COVENANT with Him,  by observing His Word  and guarding all His Commands . It is the WORSHIPPING of Father YHWH in SPIRIT and TRUTH , a RETURN of OBEDIENCE to YHWH  and the observance to His holy Word , forsaking the ways of man that followed the paths of idolatry and rebellion, leading to lawlessness  (Babylonian kingdom). It is the PURSUING of HOLINESS and PERFECTION , set-apart  from the world and all its contamination. Firstly  the ANCIENT PATHS are the RETURN to the AUTHENTIC SCRIPTURAL and COVENANT Name of the Creator and Sustainer of the Universe. He revealed His Name to His prophets and His people . The same Name that has been perverted and hidden from Believers through various mis-translations of Scripture. The restored ancient, (Paleo) Hebrew Name of Father   YHWH has been restored in many of the latest translations  of Scriptures and can be verified through many publicly available resources, freely available to all TRUTH-SEEKERS. Read what the “ NIV Life Application Study Bible ”  openly confesses to  in their index: In regard to the divine Name YHWH, commonly referred to as the Tetragrammaton, the translators adopted the DEVICE used in most English versions of rendering (that name) as LORD in capital letters... What does Scripture teach us? D oes anyone have the authority to change or alter YHWH’S holy Word? Debarim   (Deuteronomy) 12:32  you must be careful to do everything I command you; do NOT add anything to it or take anything away from it.   Revelation 22:18-19  I testify to everyone who hears the prophetic words of this book: If anyone adds to them,    YHWH will add to him the plagues that are written in this book . And if anyone takes away from the words of this prophetic book, YHWH will take away his share of the tree of life and the holy city , written in this book. If we know the heart of FATHER, we will have the understanding that the above verses apply to the whole “ Bible ”  and not only the book of Revelation as many believe. Mishley (Proverbs) 30:4 asks us a crucial question, “What is GOD’S Name and what is His Son’s Name?”  Rabbinical Judaism calls YHWH by the substitute terms,  “HaShem, Adonai or Elohim” - none of which are His Name; they are titles or pronouns. In Christianity, they use “Jehovah” for the Father and “Jesus” for the Son, both of which are not authentic; they are imprinted with the corruptions found in the  Page 3  of 11   Greek and Latin alphabets. The Names can’t be “Jehovah” or “Jesus”, because there is no letter “J” in Hebrew   (the letter “J” appeared on Ear  th during the 16th century). In Bereshith (Genesis) 4:26 , we see the FIRST record   of Father YHWH’S people, calling Him on His NAME  (NOT a Title)! At Shemoth (Exodus) 31:18  we learn that on Mount Sinai the Creator engraved two stone tablets with His own finger   and gave them to Mosheh (Moses). He engraved His Name using four ancient Hebrew letters, (  Y od- He y- W aw- He y). It is the Autograph of the Creator of the universe. YHWH did not write in a Babylonian script (now called Modern Hebrew), but rather the ANCIENT (Paleo) or Primary Hebrew and did so consistently throughout Scripture in the handwriting of the inspired prophets.    YeshaYahu (Isaiah) 34:16 admonishes us to seek the book/scroll of YHWH and in that scroll we find YHW H’S Name written in the ancient (Paleo), Primary Hebrew (not the modern Hebrew we find today).    YeshaYahu (Isaiah 42:8)   I am Yod Hey Waw Hew (YHWH), that is My NAME ; I will not give My esteem to another (any other god), or My praise to idols (lords and other gods). We are told in  YeshaYahu (Isaiah 52:6) that  YHWH’S people will   “know” His COVENANT Name. We find in Bereshith (Genesis) 4:26 that  YHWH’S Name began to be called upon  and continued to be called upon up to and during the first Temple period. In Tehillim (Psalms) 83:16-18 YHWH   commands us to seek His Name.   Bemidbar (Numbers) 6:24-27 reveals  YHWH’S Name will be upon His people. Revelation 22:4 reveals that  YHWH’S Name will be on our foreheads. Tehillim (Psalms) 72:17 tells us that  YHWH’S Name will endure forever. Tehillim (Psalms 45:17) tells us that every generation is to remember YHWH’S Name.  Shemoth (Exodus) 3:14,15 declare that: His memorial Name to all generations is YHWH.   The third commandment in Shemoth (Exodus) 20:7 declares that we are NOT to “shoah” (destroy) YHWH’S Name,  or cast His Name to ruin. Yet, by denying or avoiding His Name and the Name of His Son, both Judaism and Christianity have done exactly that, breaking the third commandment over and over again, without even knowing or realizing it. In Shemoth (Exodus) 23:13 .  We are commanded NOT to use any others god’s  names (it must not be heard on our lips), yet unknowingly we have called other lords and gods on their names while praying and worshiping . . .  Page 4  of 11   The Pronunciation of the Name YHWH   Believers should consider that the Word of Eloah (Almighty) warns us that My people are destroyed from lack of knowledge (Hosea 4:6).  The prophet goes on to say that they have no knowledge because they have rejected knowledge. Because you have rejected knowledge, I also reject you as my priests; because you have ignored the Torah (teachings and commands) of your Eloah (Almighty), I also will ignore your children.     In fact, there is the knowledge of the name of Father YHWH in Scripture . He didn't inject His Name over 6800 times in the Tanach  (that's how many times  YHWH  occurs in the First Covenant (Old Testament text)) to just tease us and not to help us to know how to pronounce and use His Name. Take note that the name  YHWH  in the Hebrew is made up of 4 letters  - reminding you that the Word of YHWH was FIRST written in ANCIENT (PALEO) HEBREW , before it was translated into Greek, Latin and English! Please NOTE that Hebrew reads from right to left:  Yod (Y) = Y   Hey (H) = ah   Waw (W) = u or uw Hey (H) = ah If wee add all these individual letters together, we get  Y ah uw ah   These four letters are consonants but also bring with them vowel sounds.  Thus, the letters   within the Name are pronounced as follows:  Yod  = y as in yard. Hey  = ah as in bach. Waw (uau); (vav)  = oo as in food. Hey = ah as in bach. Thus, if we put together these sounds, we arrive at y ah oo ah.  But when we say words, the sound of the word does not equal the sound of each of the letters, one right after the other.  If so, my name would sound like d-ay-v-i-d. When we say   words we blend the letters sounds and it usually does not sound like we are pronouncing each letter.   Taking y ah oo ah, this blends into the sounds y ah oo ah. And finally , YAHUWAH, or   YAHUAH (without the “ w ” ) as many write it, but the pronunciation remains the same! 
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