CSE 311 Foundations of Computing I

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CSE 311 Foundations of Computing I. Lecture 6 Predicate Calculus Autumn 2012. Announcements. Reading assignments Predicates and Quantifiers 1.4, 1.5 7 th Edition 1.3, 1.4 5 th and 6 th Edition. Predicate Calculus. Predicate or Propositional Function
CSE 311 Foundations of Computing ILecture 6Predicate CalculusAutumn 2012CSE 311Announcements
  • Reading assignments
  • Predicates and Quantifiers
  • 1.4, 1.5 7th Edition
  • 1.3, 1.4 5th and 6th Edition
  • CSE 311Predicate Calculus
  • Predicate or Propositional Function
  • A function that returns a truth value
  • “x is a cat”
  • “x is prime”
  • “student x has taken course y”
  • “x > y”
  • “x + y = z” or Sum(x, y, z)
  • NOTE: We will only use predicates with variables or constants as arguments.Prime(65353)CSE 311Quantifiers
  • x P(x) : P(x) is true for every x in the domain
  • x P(x) : There is an x in the domain for which P(x) is true
  • Relate  and  to  and CSE 311Statements with quantifiersDomain:Positive Integers
  • x Even(x)
  • x Odd(x)
  • x (Even(x)  Odd(x))
  • x (Even(x)  Odd(x))
  • x Greater(x+1, x)
  • x (Even(x)  Prime(x))
  • Even(x)Odd(x)Prime(x)Greater(x,y)Equal(x,y)CSE 311Statements with quantifiersDomain:Positive Integers
  • xy Greater (y, x)
  • xy Greater (x, y)
  • xy (Greater(y, x)  Prime(y))
  • x (Prime(x)  (Equal(x, 2)  Odd(x))
  • xy(Sum(x, 2, y)  Prime(x)  Prime(y))
  • Even(x)Odd(x)Prime(x)Greater(x,y)Equal(x,y)Sum(x,y,z)CSE 311Statements with quantifiersDomain:Positive IntegersEven(x)Odd(x)Prime(x)Greater(x,y)Sum(x,y,z)
  • “There is an odd prime”
  • “If x is greater than two, x is not an even prime”
  • xyz((Sum(x, y, z)  Odd(x)  Odd(y)) Even(z))
  • “There exists an odd integer that is the sum of two primes”
  • CSE 311English to Predicate Calculus
  • “Red cats like tofu”
  • Cat(x)Red(x)LikesTofu(x)CSE 311Goldbach’s Conjecture
  • Every even integer greater than two can be expressed as the sum of two primes
  • Even(x)Odd(x)Prime(x)Greater(x,y)Equal(x,y)
  • xyz ((Greater(x, 2)  Even(x))  (Equal(x, y+z)  Prime(y)  Prime(z))
  • Domain:Positive IntegersCSE 311Scope of Quantifiers
  • Notlargest(x) y Greater (y, x) z Greater (z, x)
  • Value doesn’t depend on y or z “bound variables”
  • Value does depend on x “free variable”
  • Quantifiers only act on free variables of the formula they quantify
  •  x ( y (P(x,y)  x Q(y, x)))
  • CSE 311Scope of Quantifiers
  • x (P(x)  Q(x)) vsx P(x) x Q(x)
  • CSE 311Nested Quantifiers
  • Bound variable name doesn’t matter
  •  x  y P(x, y)  a  b P(a, b)
  • Positions of quantifiers can change
  •  x (Q(x)  y P(x, y))  x  y (Q(x)  P(x, y))
  • BUT: Order is important...
  • CSE 311Quantification with two variablesCSE 311Negations of Quantifiers
  • Not every positive integer is prime
  • Some positive integer is not prime
  • Prime numbers do not exist
  • Every positive integer is not prime
  • CSE 311De Morgan’s Laws for Quantifiersx P(x) x P(x) x P(x) x P(x)CSE 311De Morgan’s Laws for Quantifiersx P(x) x P(x) x P(x) x P(x)“There is no largest integer”
  •   x  y ( x ≥ y)
  • x  y ( x ≥ y)
  • x  y  ( x ≥ y)
  • x  y (y > x)
  • “For every integer there is a larger integer”CSE 311
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