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1. Top 10 Diet Fads Which You Must Avoid In the hubbub of our lives we look for quick ways to lose weight fast. Our first attempt towards losing weight is dieting! 50…
  • 1. Top 10 Diet Fads Which You Must Avoid In the hubbub of our lives we look for quick ways to lose weight fast. Our first attempt towards losing weight is dieting! 50 years of research confirms that 95% of these diets fail as they are short term and the kilos just bounce back. They are nutritionally unbalanced, most of them don’t work and some of them are precarious like “The Sleeping Beauty Diet”. Can you imagine going to sleep for a week? I would much rather keep my fat on than diet for weight loss! Let me help you decipher the Top Ten Diet Fads Which You Must Avoid. I am listing below a few popular diet fads you must avoid: The Caveman Diet In this diet you are allowed to eat lean meat, fish, vegetables, fruit, roots, and nuts. You need to refrain from grains, legumes, dairy products, salt, refined sugar, and processed oils. Now tell me if the average life span of the caveman was only 15 years then how can this diet be healthy The Pasta Chocolate Diet The entire hullabaloo is for just one ounce of chocolate at the end of the day?!
  • 2. The Chicken Soup Diet It is similar to the “Cabbage Soup Diet” and both these diets smell of being underfed. Well if having gallons and gallons of soup in your stomach is a diet for weight loss then why not have just water?! The Zen Diet You eat food in its natural state, no red meat and other meats are limited. This would mean less protein for the brain chemistry, bone building, muscle repair and little or no fat. This diet has low nutritional value and I wouldn’t recommend it to you or anyone! The 12 day Grapefruit Juice Diet Too good to be true. You can eat till you are full and increase the quantity of meat, salad, cheese, mayonnaise and vegetables. You can even fry your food in butter but with every meal you have to drink 8 ounces of grapefruit juice and you must eat Bacon! Well what about the people who don’t eat bacon? The 3 day Hot Dog Diet How can this be called a “3 Day Hot Dog Diet” when you get to eat hot dogs on the second day at dinner?! However the good part is you are required to have ½ cup vanilla ice cream every night and all the diet foods of course! But what the heck! I love ice cream and could consider this diet.
  • 3. The Magnetic Diet this sounds like the regular diet plan which we already know but with a catchy new name. Blood Type Diet You basically eat and avoid foods according to your blood type. The Air Diet Well instead of concentrating on what you eat all you need to do is breathe. But are we not breathing all the time?! Tapeworm Diet It is repulsive and particularly an unhealthy diet as there is a parasite inside your body sucking away all your nourishment! Can you believe that?! Liquid Diets and Magic Pills they are again artificial ways to lose weight fast. Atkins Fad Diet you can lose up to 15 pounds in the first two weeks. The principle of the diet is to eat mass protein rather than carbohydrates and processed sugar. But it is missing fiber and vegetables.
  • 4. Diet Fads and their unhealthy effects In the process of dieting you deprive your body of nutrition. You compel it to derive the desired energy from fat cells and muscle leaving you with little or no body strength. Hence, have a balanced diet which means eat certain foods in moderation, namely saturated fat, Trans fat, cholesterol, refined sugar, salt and alcohol. The aim is to consume nutrients and increase metabolism. The food must be converted to energy rather than fat cells. In short diets for weight loss come with little or no nutritional value and a lot of food restrictions. So to get a healthy and fit body you need to make a conscious effort to eat right, follow a proper exercise regime and eat small meals. So start working towards fitness from this moment on!
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