Digital Pharma West 2010 Tweets Day 2

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These are the tweets for Day 2 of Digital Pharma West held in San Francisco June 28-30, 2010. The hashtag for the conference is #DigPharm. Agenda for Day 2: 8:30 Chairperson’s Welcome Chair Amy Chafin Director, Marketing Communications, Global Oncology Lilly 8:45 Challenges for Chronic Lifetime Diseases and How Synchronized Online and Clinical Specialist Programs Build Patient Adherence The care and management of patients with chronic illnesses must be followed closely and modified as patients mature and grow. Patient adherence at different stages of life may have less to do with medicine and much more to do with outside relationships and activities. In an attempt to ensure appropriate care, extended life and improved quality of life, relationship marketing can provide the tools to build loyalty. In this case study, see how: Clinical specialists are at the front lines talking with health care professionals to help raise adherence levels The coordinated efforts between eMarketing and sales can be utilized to provide education, answers and support throughout the many stages of living with a chronic disease Speaker Nancy Nazmi Clinical Specialist (Rotation Leadership Program) Senior Group Product Manager GENENTECH 9:45 GETTING TO THE POINT: How Social Media and Other New Platforms Demand Brevity in Marketing Communications With the explosion of digital and social media--glossy publications, wordy ads and long sentences are becoming extinct faster than anyone thought. At the same time, Twitter, MySpace and other social media are creating new opportunities for those who can articulate their brand’s essence---in 10 words or less. This session will focus on: Selecting key points relevant for your customer base Building your message with social media in mind Knowing what NOT to do in digital marketing space Getting your point across in the age of short attention spans Spekaer Elizabeth Sozanski Sr. Director, Global Marketing Strategy ASTRAZENECA 10:30 Networking & Refreshment Break 11:00 Explore How The Digital Dismantling of Traditional Marketing is Impacting Your Entire Communications Strategy What does the continued digital abatement of traditional media mean to ePharma marketers? What factors continue to affect the proliferation of interactive media? How do consumers engage with brands in an increasingly digital world? Is “Fandemonium” the future of the marketing funnel? (Fandemonium is a movement or gathering whose intention is to bring together enthusiasts of many different genres of a particular activity) Speaker James Moade Director of Global Marketing MEAD JOHNSON NUTRITION 11:45 Engaging Physicians Through Online Social Media Social networking and social media has become a powerful and nearly universal element in online communication. According to Manhattan Research, 70% of physicians want pharmaceutical firms to engage them on line and 60% of physicians either use or are interested in using physician social networks. Learn how you can get started engaging with physicians online. What are the regulatory guidelines to consider? What works and what does not? Ensure Physician use and interaction through context and content Measure for success in a 2.0 world Speaker Lance Hill CEO WITHIN 3 12:30 Luncheon for Conference Attendees 1:45 Sales 2.0 and Social Media Tracking from a Leading High Tech Executive and Former Pharma Executive How to maximize social media to attract and track conversations that are occurring above the pharma sales funnel Integrating social media tracking with marketing initiatives to cultivate and respond to qualified physicians and stakeholders Using technology advancements to bring sales and marketing organizations together Speaker David Thompson CEO GENIUS.COM 2:30 Panel/Group Discussion An Up to the Minute Q3 2010 Assessment of What Issues Remain in Pharma’s Use of Social Media Topics to be Explored Include: Humanizing the interactions and thus increasing trust levels P
  RT @philbaumann Zoe suggests companies Google their brand. Agree, & here's an evenmore comprehensive tool - #digpharm 6/29/2010 03:41 odomlewis: @doctoranonymous reviews Day 1 at Digital Pharma West 2010 to 6/30) #hcsm #digpharm 6/29/2010 04:17  andrewspong: #socpharm chat will be this time (8 to 9 am est) tommorrow since it's the last Wed of thequarter. All are welcome. #digpharm 6/29/2010 05:42  EileenOBrien: Good morning from San Francisco at the Digital Pharma West #digpharm conference... 6/29/2010 06:00  doctoranonymous: RT @unclebrendan: In Digital, it's tough to measure ROI on any singular tactic -JohnVieira #digpharm 6/29/2010 06:19  Digitas_Health: Heading off to Digital Pharma #digpharm in SF. Will be live tweeting today 6/29/2010 06:51 sevinfo: @sevinfo Looking forward to finally meeting ya! #digpharm 6/29/2010 07:13  philbaumann: RT @Healtheddigital: HealthEd taps Alterian for social media mining #socpharm #fdasm #digpharm 6/29/2010 07:43  DKennerson: RT @Healtheddigital: HealthEd taps Alterian for social media mining #socpharm #fdasm #digpharm 6/29/2010 07:43  CryerHealth: Might try another boring ustream later of me watching the #digpharm lectures, if people areinterested... 6/29/2010 08:00  doctoranonymous: RT @doctoranonymous: 84% of health care professionals access their smartphones inbetween pt consultations #digpharm 6/29/2010 08:15  md2p: RT @healtheddigital: HealthEd taps Alterian for social media mining #socpharm #fdasm #digpharm 6/29/2010 08:22  Jeff_Greene: Here at #digpharm - not a ton of folks in the room quite yet. 6/29/2010 08:27  Goble_Assoc: Opening up Day 2 is Amy Chafin from Lilly, introducing Genentech. #digpharm 6/29/2010 08:41 philbaumann: Genentech up at #digpharm talking patient engagement. 6/29/2010 08:42  DaphneLeigh: of 216/30/10 8:55 AM  Post: Thoughts on yesterday's Digital Pharma West #digpharm program 6/29/2010 08:42  doctoranonymous: Listening to Challenges for Chronic Diseases by Ali Martin and Nancy Nazmi of Genentech#digpharm 6/29/2010 08:43  Doctor_V: Day 2 kicks off with Genetech #digpharm (@ Exl Pharma Digital Pharma West) 6/29/2010 08:47  unclebrendan: Cystic Fibrosis: 30,000 in US; 70% Dx by age 2; median age of survival ~37y; 45%>18y;#digpharm 6/29/2010 08:47  philbaumann: RT @PhilBaumann: Cystic Fibrosis: 30,000 in US; 70% Dx by age 2; median age of survival~37y; 45%>18y; #digpharm #rnchat 6/29/2010 08:47  rnchat: Key is to better understand complexities of adherence and online space for CF patients.#digpharm 6/29/2010 08:50  DaphneLeigh: Least compliant patients are those who hide, deny and ignore their condition...bigadherence challenge. #digpharm 6/29/2010 08:54  DaphneLeigh: Cystic Fibrosis community is highly enganged and receptive #digpharm 6/29/2010 08:55  doctoranonymous: RT @DaphneLeigh: Least compliant patients are those who hide, deny and ignore theircondition...big adherence challenge. #digpharm 6/29/2010 08:55  gvanantwerp: Online, cystic fibrosis patients are highly engaged and receptive--lifeline to theircommunities. #digpharm 6/29/2010 08:55  DaphneLeigh: Interesting to learn that CF community is highly engaged online. I wonder if there's acommunity on @curetogether? #digpharm 6/29/2010 08:56  Doctor_V: RT @DaphneLeigh: Online, cystic fibrosis patients are highly engaged and receptive--lifeline to their communities. #digpharm 6/29/2010 08:57  rlibby01: It's a shame that we still need market research to tell us to invest in Digital to supportpatients with chronic diseases. #digpharm 6/29/2010 08:58  unclebrendan: RT @DaphneLeigh: Online, cystic fibrosis patients are highly engaged and receptive--lifeline to their communities. #digpharm #rnchat 6/29/2010 08:58  rnchat: Mainly bc online is only option RT @DaphneLeigh Online CF patients are highly engaged KatharineS84: of 216/30/10 8:55 AM  and receptive--lifeline to their communities #digpharm 6/29/2010 08:58  RT @Doctor_V: Interesting to learn that CF community is highly engaged online. I wonder ifthere's a community on @curetogether? #digpharm 6/29/2010 08:59  Digitas_Health: I'm pumped. I connected with one of the social folks from U.S. Oncology ... and she liveswith me in The Woodlands, TX #digpharm 6/29/2010 08:59  Doctor_V: @Doctor_V Nice. #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:01 philbaumann: Vy nice RT @DaphneLeigh: Love Genetech's strategic and research-driven approach totheir CF patient adherence program. Smart. #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:04  Doctor_V: Nice Genentech case study: listen to patients, develop strategic/research-based plan;execute thoughtfully. #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:08  LauraN546: RT @LauraN546: Nice Genentech case study: listen to patients, developstrategic/research-based plan; execute thoughtfully. #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:10  hawgs87: Genentech eMarketing presenting adherence case study - post pilot goal is to not justslightly improve but dramatically improve #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:10  nicoleljohnson: I wonder I Genentech knows there's a pediatric gastroenterologist in the audience ; )#digpharm 6/29/2010 09:11 Doctor_V: Lesson for Genetech: Look at age-specific barriers in CF patients for successful adherenceprogram. #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:12  DaphneLeigh: @accarmichael Have you had any interest in CF on @curetogether?? #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:14  Doctor_V: RT @DaphneLeigh: Lesson for Genetech: Look at age-specific barriers in CF patients forsuccessful adherence program. #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:15  KatharineS84: Important to not overlook caregiver barriers, as well in CF patients. #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:15  DaphneLeigh: Shocked there's CF testing in 50 states with only 1000 cases per year. Great we're testingfor CF. Should be testing for more tho! #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:16  HealthIntel: Great to see Genentech addressing the importance of #contentstrategy in their adherenceprogram for patients with CF. #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:18  unclebrendan: @Doctor_V @doctoranonymous i think we're so engaged online bc it's such a small Potato_Chip: of 216/30/10 8:55 AM  community and physical contact is discouraged #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:18  Genentech sharing new CF Living website to replace existing-- looks very engaging.Content about living your life to the fullest! #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:18  nicoleljohnson: Content stragegy should not be just about adherence, but about quality of life issues.#digpharm 6/29/2010 09:19  DaphneLeigh: CF patients in the stream #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:19  Doctor_V: Glaxo Blocks Access CafePharma can we drive #socpharm when co.ban access to high traffic industry sites? #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:19  christianlgray: Couldn't agree more! RT @DaphneLeigh: Content stragegy should not be just aboutadherence, but about quality of life issues. #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:20  KatharineS84: In patient drug adherence efforts, involve clinical specialists early and often. #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:20  DaphneLeigh: #cysticbot RT: Cystic Fibrosis community is highly enganged and receptive #digpharm:Cystic Fibrosis community is ... 6/29/2010 09:21 cysticbot: I wonder if Genentech has tried to reach pediatric pulmonologists? #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:21 Doctor_V: RT @Doctor_V: I'd be interested to hear Genentech's experience with CF on mainstreamsocial platforms #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:22  Doctor_V: RT @DaphneLeigh: Content strategy should not be just about adherence, but about qualityof life issues. #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:22  LauraN546: And the patients chime in ... RT @AllABuzz: @Doctor_V Genentech's Xolair is a lifesaver 4many asthmatics. I am on my 4th year. #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:34  Doctor_V: And be a resource not MeTweeter - simply broadcast RT @Goble_Assoc: Regarding Twittertips, here's another: share links often. #digpharm 6/29/2010 09:59  LauraN546: Context, yes...not advice you can use for Twitter, though. #digpharm 6/29/2010 10:02  DaphneLeigh: Digital Pharma West 2010 - Tweets for Day 1 - - #DigPharm 6/29/2010 10:10  philbaumann: Agreed! Twitter allows you to bring a human element of companies to life. #digpharm 6/29/2010 10:10  LauraN546: of 216/30/10 8:55 AM
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