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    Assignment # 1   Prepared by   Talmeez Hussain   Roll No.   10047   Instructor:  Miss Aiza   Course:   Entrepreneurship & Leadership Date:  22 nd October 2013 Lahore Garrison University, Lahore  Is Leadership can be developed\learnt or by Birth?Leadership Definition: Leadership can be defined by different authors in the following ways as given below:    Leadership is the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wantsto do it. ( Dwight D. Eisenhower ).      Leadership is the wise use of power. Power is the capacity to translate intention into reality andsustain it. ( Warren Bennis ).   Leadership is the art of motivating a group of people to act towards achieving a common goal. Put evenmore simply, the leader is the inspiration and director of the action. He or she is the person in the groupthat possesses the combination of personality and skills that makes others want to follow his or her direction. In other words leadership directly depends on leader character. So, we also have to look thatleaders are born by birth or develop.In this new arisen question we have different views about leaders that leaders are born by birth or develop. So we look at the following views about leaders: Leaders are Born Leaders really are born and not made, scientists say after finding a gene that influences whether someoneis likely to rule or be ruled. After analyzing DNA samples from 4,000 people, the team from UniversityCollege London discovered that those with the gene were up to 25 % more likely to have a supervisoryrole at work.There is a Personality Profile that exists that is a Natural Born Leader. There are 5 specific PersonalityTraits that define a Natural Born Leader. A Natural born leader will test extremely high in areas of Socialability, Self Confidence, Assertiveness, and Boldness.    Social ability: Good natured Extroverted, outgoing, friendly, gregarious, neighbourly, congenial.Warm hearted individuals who enjoy interacting and participating with others. They greetstrangers openly, are quick to form friendships, and enjoy careers dealing with people rather thanthings. They are rarely content in solitary work.    Self Confidence: Determines Success Self-assured, certain, secure, brave, fulfilled, poised, self-reliant. Believe they have the knowledge and ability to be successful at whatever they attempt.Cope successfully with challenges and are not easily discouraged. Handle unexpected situationswell, make decisions with assurance, and are quick to express ideas and opinions.    Assertiveness: Aggressive, persuasive, influential, headstrong, opinionated, possiblyargumentative and hostile. Believe that being assertive and taking the offensive is essential toattaining success. They make things happen, rather than waiting for them to happen, and arewilling to be forceful in order to get a job done. May be authoritarian.    Boldness: Adventurous, daring, carefree, brave, courageous, audacious, fearless. Uninhibitedindividuals who are willing to try new and different experiences. They can function normally  even in unfamiliar environments, and are quick to accept challenges and willing to take risks toaccomplish their objectives. May be pushy and ignore warning signs. Leaders are Develop Leaders are developed . Leadership is nothing more than a collection of skills, that when employed, produce results.    Leaders create the motivational environment for their followers that cause them to want toachieve.    They are able to easily identify the needs of their followers and direct them on the pathway tosuccess.    Leaders can skillfully strike the balance between attending to the needs of their followers whileaccomplishing the tasks required of them.Leaders can learn leadership skills in a variety of ways (training, self-study, observing other leaders) butunless these skills are practiced in realistic and meaningful experiences they are forgotten. Leaders are Born and Develop Great leaders are not born nor made. Great leaders are a product of life experiences and choice. Everyindividual possesses the ability to choose the path to follow and this defines the individual. There is noone perfect path to follow or correct choice to make as several paths lead to the top and bottom. Theopportunities presented differ from one person to another based on several factors such as social class,education and prior decisions. No one learns and comes into this world when he is born. Becoming a leader in life depends upon therisks and responsibilities taken and performed. It is all about willingness to take chances. It does notmatter if you take a wrong or a right decision. Right decision provides you with zeal to move on. But,wrong decision gives you a chance to improve upon on it and keep yourself and your followers motivatedat all times.   Conclusion By seeing above views about leaders we came to know that leadership can be by birth and also bedeveloped\learnt. Leadership is a skill and like any other skill can be acquired over a period of time by practicing it. Some people are talented and are born with good leadership qualities. But like any other 'skill', one has to hone it over a period of periods and has to remain dynamic. Not all of the leaders are born with the same, it is through your upbringing and training of your mind, perseverance, ability &aptitude to learn can only make a good leader. There are certain traits but as a Leadership hasApplication dimension, hence, simply knowing the traits will not make a good leader. Some people are born with leadership genes as they say, but it can’t sustain them in the long term. A  person has to adjust to the situation in which he has been put and accordingly develop skills and enhanceknowledge. It is imperative for a person to learn how to handle different issues and agendas in the mostsatisfying way. That makes a person a leader in the course of time. Leadership is a set of skills that can belearned by practice over time. This is true of literally any skill. However, you need some in-born talent or  “pre - determination” to master the skill.  
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