Mr. Marco Lobregat - The Modern AgriBusiness and its Sustainability

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1. MARCO LOBREGATMarketing & Communication Strategist Food & Tourism Advocate Hypersocial Entrepreneur o.lobregat @ministryshrooms @mlobregat 2.…
  • 1. MARCO LOBREGATMarketing & Communication Strategist Food & Tourism Advocate Hypersocial Entrepreneur o.lobregat @ministryshrooms @mlobregat
  • 2. Comprehensive Training forOysterMushroomGrowing
  • 3. Objective • Knowledge about Mushrooms and Health Benefits. • Know the step by step Mushroom Culture and Propagation, Bagging, Harvesting, Processing and Marketing • Appreciate mushrooms as a sustainable livelihood and alternative to meat. • Apply the technology as you will be encouraged to grow mushrooms.
  • 4. Mushrooms Mushrooms known as “Kabute” in Tagalog, offer a long list of health benefits. Essentially it is neither a plant nor an animal. It is a fungus, hence the group name. Although mushrooms may not be a number one menu favorite, you may think twice about pushing them aside during your next encounter.
  • 5. White Oyster Mushroom (Ple uro tus O stre atus) Most common and available mushroom in the Philippines and easy to cultivate. Oyster mushrooms are usually processed into a variety of delicious food. 
  • 6. White Oyster Mushroom (Ple uro tus O stre atus) • ANTIOXIDANT EFFECTS Oyster mushrooms contain ergothioneine, a unique antioxidant exclusively produced by fungi that fight cancer tumors • ANTI-BACTERIAL EFFECTS • NUTRITIONAL VALUE Oyster mushrooms are high in nutrients that contain significant levels of zinc, iron, potassium, calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, folic acid, niacin, and vitamins B-1 and B-2. Natural source of Vitamin D.
  • 7. Agricultural Waste
  • 8. Preparation of Agar Medium (PDA) Potato, Dextrose, Agar Materials: •Casserole/ 1000 milliliter beaker •Knife •Flat bottles or petri dish •Funnel •Cotton •Stirrer •Stove •Clean filter cloth •Pressure cooker •Heat-protected gloves •Weighing scale Ingredients: •Potato 250 grams •Dextrose powder 25 grams •2 Agar bar/Powder 20 grams •Clean Water 1 liter
  • 9. Steps in PDA Preparation Prepare materials Wash potatoes, peel and cut into cubes
  • 10. Boil for 10 minutes Filter or separate potatoes Add clean water Pour into a boiling pot
  • 11. Prepare glucose and agar bar/powder Add agar powder/bar Boil until it is cooked Add in glucose/dextrose powder
  • 12. Stir well for 10 minutes Add clean water Pour to 1/4 of a bottle Plug with cotton balls
  • 13. Bind with rubber bands Put bottles in pressure cooker Steam under the pressure at 18 PSI for 30 min Remove from pressure cooker. Lean the bottles and store. 18 PSI18 PSI
  • 14. Tissue Culturing (F0 and F1 Sub Cultures)
  • 15. Clean hands and body Clean the PDA bottles Select the best mushroom Clean chamber and equipment
  • 16. Hold over the fire Tear the mushroom Cut mushroom tissues Hold the bottle’s opening over flame
  • 17. Put the tissue in the middle of PDA Plug with cotton balls Bind paper cap with rubber bands Isolate, store and wait for 14 days
  • 18. Grain Spawn
  • 19. Soak sorghum seeds in water for 12 hours Boil the seeds for 15 min Spread out until half dry Pour into bottles
  • 20. Plug with cotton balls, wrap with paper and bind with rubber bands Place bottles in the pressure cooker Steam under pressure of 18 PSI for 1 hour 18 PSI18 PSI
  • 21. Remove from pressure cooker to cool down Prepare equipment Clean the needle Unplug the PDA media of Mycelium
  • 22. Get a small piece of agar. Place opening of bottle over the flame Put agar on the seeds, cover with cotton and bind with paper and rubber Store in the closet, away from light. Label the bottle with date and type of mushroom
  • 23. Once it’s fully colonized, it is ready for grain multiplication and inoculation
  • 24. Substrate or Fruiting Bag
  • 25. Spread out sawdust and mix with supplements like lime, sugar, and rice bran Pour water and mix well Dampness test by hand
  • 26. Use 6x12 PP plastic Fill with sawdust Weigh Compress until firm
  • 27. Insert PVC around the neck Plug with cotton balls Cover with paper and rubber band Arrange bags inside the drum
  • 28. Inoculation or Planting grain spawn Materials Sterilized Substrate or Fruiting Bag Planting Grain Spawn Transfer Needle Alcohol Lamp Cotton Rubber Band Pour water into the drum (7 inches high) and steam for 4 hours
  • 29. Clean picking tool and hands Put opening of bottle and pick over the flame Pour 15-20 grain spawn seedsUse needle and shake to spread spawn seeds
  • 30. Put cotton stopper back on Incubate bags for 4 to 5 weeks 2 weeks incubation 4 to 5 weeks incubation ready to fruit
  • 31. Lying on its side, stack the bags vertically in the growing room
  • 32. Screen Door Area Wooden Door 3 feet Walking space 2 feet walking space 3 feet Walking space 1 foot wide gravel 5 Meters (16.4 feet) 8.5 Meters (25 feet)
  • 33. Mushroom Barn
  • 34. Packaging
  • 35. PROCESSING • Mushroom Burger Patty • Dried Mushrooms Powder Salt/Seasoning • Mushroom Siomai/Dumplings • Pickled Mushrooms • Mushroom Siopao, Muffins • Mushroom Crackers • Crispy Mushrooms, etc.
  • 38. OPPORTUNITIES Directly Retail Distributor Website Super market and Public Market Restaurants Processed Goods Permission to use the picture; granted by Ping Joven of Ping Gu Mushroom fries.
  • 39. DEMAND • According to a DA-Central Luzon Integrated Agricultural Research Center (CLIARC) report. The country is estimated to import around 150 metric tons (MT) of mushrooms yearly, largely from South East Asia— Taiwan, China, Thailand, and Japan. Read more at
  • 40. Crispy OysterMushrooms Ingredients: • Oyster Mushroom • Flour • Salt • Pepper • Oil Procedure: 1. Wash the oyster mushroom, remove water, set aside 2. Add flour (season with salt & pepper. You may also try breading mix like “Crispy Fry”) 3. Heat up the oil on wok 4. Deep fry till golden brown. 5. Remove and let excess oil drip over a strainer or paper towel. 6. Serve with Thai chili sauce (optional)
  • 41. Mushroom Siomai
  • 42. LIKE US! /PerfectMushrooms @PerfectMushrooms 09177685515 / 02-7766173
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