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  ISSN 1330-0520 short communication / kratko priop}enjeUDK 582.572.42'581.95(497.5) A NEW LOCALITY OF THE SPECIES  NARCISSUSSEROTINUS  L. – AUTUMN DAFFODILIN CROATIA Z DRAVKO  D EVETAK Mar{ala Tita 34, 71000 Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina Devetak, Z.: A new locality of the species  Narcissus serotinus  L. – autumn daffodil in Croatia.Nat. Croat., Vol. 9, No. 2, 157–162, 2000, Zagreb. This paper describes the finding of a new locality of the Mediterranean species –  Narcissus se-rotinus  L., on area of Pelje{ac Peninsula, near village of Lovi{te in Mirce Bay, over quite a largearea. Previous mentions of   Narcissus serotinus  L. in the Dalmatian flora (Croatian) and Bosnia andHerzegovina, Yugoslavia, were based on a report from the session »Zoologisch – botanischen Ge-sellschaft in Wien« of 1861, which is quoted in its entirety in this work. According to this report,mentions of this species in the flora of Bosnia-Herzegovina were dubious, and the localities inCroatia were not precisely indicated. Researchers into Croatian flora do not quote this species intheir works. This is the first certain finding of this species in the Croatian flora. Key words :  Narcissus serotinus , Croatian flora Devetak, Z.: Novo nalazi{te jesenskog sunovrata –  Narcissus serotinus  L., u flori Hrvatske.Nat. Croat., Vol. 9, No. 2, 157–162, 2000, Zagreb. U radu se objavljuje novo nalazi{te mediteranske vrste –  Narcissus serotinus  L., na poluotokuPelje{cu, kod mjesta Lovi{te, u uvali Mirce, na dosta velikom podru~ju. Dosada{nji navodi za  Nar-cissus serotimus  L. u flori Dalmacije (Hrvatska) i Bosne i Hercegovine, Jugoslavije, zasnivaju se naizvje{taju sa sjednice »Zoologisch – botanischen Gesellschaft in Wien« iz 1861. g., koji se citira u cje-lini. Prema tom izvje{taju dvojbeno je navo|enje ove vrste u flori Bosne i Hercegovine, a lokalitetiu Hrvatskoj nisu to~no nazna~eni. Istra`iva~i hrvatske flore ne navode ovu vrstu u svojim rado-vima. Ovo je prvi siguran nalaz ove vrste u flori Hrvatske. Klju~ne rije~i :  Narcissus serotinus , hrvatska flora INTRODUCTION In autumn, last year (23. IX 1998), I was unusually surprised, when I found anautumn daffodil flowering near the village of Lovi{te on Pelje{ac Peninsula, inMirce Bay, a flower previously unknown to me. The autumn daffodil is a very at-tractive, interesting and uncommon plant that deserves further biological and eco- NAT. CROAT. VOL. 9 No 2 157¿162 ZAGREB June 30, 2000 Croatian Natural History Museum, Demetrova 1, Zagreb, Croatia  logical research, especially of its distribution in Croatia. For the protection of thisplant, the autumn daffodil should be placed in the second edition of the Red Bookof Croatian plants ([ UGAR,  1994). MORPHOLOGICAL CHARACTERISTICS OF  NARCISSUS SEROTINUS This is a perennial. The specimens from Pelje{ac are a little bigger than those de-scribed by W EBB  (1980) in Flora Europaea and by P IGNATTI  (1982) in Flora d' Italia.It has a little bulb 15–30 ×  12–20 mm, from which, in autumn, rise one or, rarely,two cylindrical, round and glaucous leaves, up to 42 cm high and 3 mm thick, oronly one floral scape with one, and rarely two, fragrant white flowers. The bulbsfrom which the floral scape grows do not put forth leaves. After flowering, the flo-ral scape is protracted, taking over the role of the leaf and grows to 45 cm long. Thespathe is tubular in the lower part, up to 35 mm long, the pedicel 15–20 mm, andthe hypanthial tube 15–20 mm. The flower has six white, lanceolate, perianth-seg-ments 4–7 ×  15–20 mm, the corona is tiny, orange, sized 2.5 ×  4 mm. 158  Devetak, Z.: A new locality of the species  Narcissus serotinus   L. ... Fig. 1.  Finding locality of   Narcissus serotinus  L. in Croatia on UTM net (XH 66).  DISTRIBUTION AND HABITAT Narcissus serotinus  is a Mediterranean floral element, distributed on stony hill-sides, stony meadows and glades, from 0–900 m. It is naturally distributed fromPortugal to Greece: Portugal, Spain, Balearic Islands, Pantelleria, Malta, Corsica,Sardinia, Italy, the Tuscan archipelago, Sicily, Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina (?),the Ionian islands, Greece and Cyclads.According to R EICHARDT 's report (1861) the autumn daffodil is found in Croatiaon the island of Ugljan, on Mt Promina by Drni{ and around Orlovac by Knin inthe Dinaric Alps. As a result of this last piece of information B ECK  (1903) insertedthis species in the Flora of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Those localities were neverprecisely noted, nor were they confirmed subsequently.The flower is distributed near the village of Lovi{te in Mirce Bay on Pelje{acPeninusla, as far as Bili dvori, up the hill towards the central hill of the area, and inall likelihood much more widely as well (Fig. 1, UTM net HX 66). Here and there itis found in groups (Fig. 2), but it is also distributed individually (Fig. 3), on dryrocky ground, surrounded with the evergreen degraded association  Orno-Quercetumilicis,  composed of the species:  Quercus ilex, Phillyrea latifolia, Pistacia lentiscus, Arbu-tus unedo, Juniperus oxycedrus, Myrtus communis, Erica verticillata, Smilax aspera, As- paragus acutifolius . Together with  Narcissus serotinus  on this dry rocky ground come Nat. Croat. Vol. 9(2), 2000  159 Fig. 2. and 3.  Narcissus serotinus  L., in group and individually. Lovi{te, Mirce, 23.9.1998.  the following species:  Brachypodium ramosum, Scleropoa rigida, Lagurus ovatus, Teu-crium polium, Satureia juliana, Thymus  sp ., Fumana  sp., and especially  Scilla autum-nalis  with its blue flowers in full inflorescence. The autumn daffodil is found on brown-red soil, on rocky fields, on soil of deserted gardens, near roads, as well asnear the sea upon gravely ground with enough organic material. DISCUSSION In the floral literature of our area available to me no information about theautumn daffodil –  Narcissus serotinus  L. (V ISIANI , 1842; S CHLOSSER -V UKOTINOVI] ,1869; D OMAC , 1994; T OMMASINI , 1875; H ARA^I] , 1905; F RITSCH , 1922; R OSSI , 1930; P E-VALEK , 1930; H ORVATI] , 1939; K U[AN , 1969; R ADI] , 1976; R OHLENA , 1942; M ARTIN^I] & S U[NIK , 1999) can be found. The Bosnia and Herzegovina Flora quotes theautumn daffodil (B ECK , 1903); and D EGEN  (1936) in  Flora Velebitica , upon the samegrounds, thinks that it might be distributed upon the slopes of Velebit. H AYEK (1934) in the Flora of the Balkan Peninsula mentioned this daffodil as growing inDalmatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina, as did Flora Europaea (1980) with respectto Yugoslavia.In this paper, to avoid confusion, because some names, or even places, were badly quoted (D EGEN ), I quote an unabridged report from a session of the Zoologi-cal and Botanical Association of Vienna, 1861, from which I derived these data:» Schliesslich machte Herr Dr. Reichardt noch folgende Mittheilungen:Ich erlaube mir der geehrten Versammlung einen neuen Bürger für die Flora des Kaiser-thums Oesterreich und speciell für Flora Dalmatiens vortzuführen. Er ist Narcissus se-rotinus L. Unser geehrtes Mitglied, Herr E. Bergner in Zara, sendete diese Pflanze an dieGesellschaft um ihre Determinirung ersuchend, da er sie in keiner Flora Dalmatiens auf- zufinden vermöge und sie daher für dieses Land als neu betrachte. Es wurde ihm diese Nar-cisse von Herrn Josef Bercic aus Dalmatien von der Insel Ugliano eingesendet. Sie kommtdort häufig vor und blüht nach den ersten Herbstregen im September. In Folge weitererErkundigungen, welche ich über diese Pflanze einzog, erfuhr ich, dass der Narcissus se-rotinus L. schon vor mehreren Jahren von Herr Franz Maly, k. k. Hofgärtner am oberenBelvedere bei Gelegenheit seiner (1857) nach Dalmatien unternommenen Reise an folgendenOrten beobachtet wurde: »Auf dem Monte Promina nächst Dernis, um Orlovac bei Knin,auf der Dinara in den dinarischen Alpen.« Exemplare dieser Pflanze finden sich von mehre-ren der genannten Standorte im k. botanischen Garten zu Schönbrunn .«It is unknown to me whether Maly published this information anywhere else.But there is no reason to doubt the data, even if it is rather strange that Croatianauthors do not mention the autumn daffodil. Probably they did not visit that areaduring the time of flowering of this species. (I also visited over island Ugljan(10.10.1999) from Kukuljice – Preko – Sv. Mihovil, to the town of Ugljan, but didnot manage to find the autumn daffodil.) In the flora of Bosnia and Herzegovina, itappeared upon the south-west slope of Kame{nica, from the Orlovac hydro power 160  Devetak, Z.: A new locality of the species  Narcissus serotinus   L. ...
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