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Overview of Romans. I. Intro. + Theme 1:1-15 II. Condemnation 1:18-3:20 III. Justification 3:21-4:25 IV. Sanctification 5:1-8:39 V. Illustration 9:1-11:36 VI. Application 12:1-15:13 VII. Epilogue 15:14-16:27. Romans 5 – The War is Over!.
Overview of Romans I. Intro. + Theme 1:1-15II. Condemnation 1:18-3:20III. Justification 3:21-4:25IV. Sanctification 5:1-8:39 V. Illustration 9:1-11:36VI. Application 12:1-15:13VII. Epilogue 15:14-16:27Romans 5 – The War is Over!Since we are justified, we have peace with God and can expect deliverance and joy!ex·pec·ta·tionˌekspekˈtāSHən/nounnoun: expectation; plural noun: expectations1. a strong belief that something will happen or be the case in the future."reality had not lived up to expectations"Romans 5 – The Hope That Comes from Victory!The Victory Described – 5:1-5The Basis of the Victory – 5:6-11Romans 5:1 – The War is Over!We have been the objects of God’s anger.Romans 5:1 – The War is Over!Now, fundamentally and judicially, we have peace with God!Romans 5:1 – The War is Over!We are accepted in His sight!Romans 5:1 – The War is Over!Yay for verb tenses!“Having been…have”Romans 5:1 – The War is Over!No believer has any charges against them!Romans 5:1 – The War is Over!How can eternal life be lost???Romans 5:1b-2 – Three BenefitsPeace with GodAccess to graceJoy in the expectation of future gloryRomans 5:1b-2 – Three BenefitsPeace with GodGod’s anger towards us is abatedOur justification brings permanent peace with GodThis is not an emotion, but a conditionRomans 5:1b-2 – Three Benefits2. Access to graceMuch like Heb. 4:14-16Our new condition allows special accessWe “stand” in it and have “access” to itPrayer becomes critical to growthHere “grace” = “God’s enabling strength”Romans 5:1b-2 – Three Benefits3. Joy (Expectation of glory)Our destiny and glorification are assured (Rom. 8:29)We “boast” or “exalt” in itRomans 5:3-4 – Oh, one more benefit…We also can exalt in problems!Romans 5:3-4 – Oh, one more benefit…Problems take on a new perspective because of our new relationship!Romans 5:3-4 – Oh, one more benefit…We are not the objects of God’s anger any longer!Romans 5:3-4 – Oh, one more benefit…“Tribulations” (afflictions)“Endurance” “Approvedness” (proven character)“Hope” (expectation)Romans 5:3-4 – Oh, one more benefit…Afflictions, properly responded to, produce the ability to bear up under pressure (endurance - Jas. 1)…which in turn leads to approval before God (1 Pet. 1:6-9)…which leads to our expectation (hope) of future glory!Romans 5:5 – Oh, one more benefit…As a result, we have a new boldness about our expectation of the future.Romans 5:5 – Oh, one more benefit…We should openly confess that boldness!Romans 10:11Romans 5:5 – Oh, one more benefit…Our confidence comes from the assurance of God’s love in the midst of, and in spite of, our trials!Romans 5:5 – Oh, one more benefit…The Holy Spirit causes us to realize God’s love through it all.Romans 5:5 – Oh, one more benefit…In other words, the righteous one by faith shall live!Romans 5:6-11 – The Basis for VictoryHow can we have the perspective we have?Romans 5:6 – The right timeChrist came at the perfect time in history to help the weak and make us strong.Romans 5:7 – God’s great love for usRarely will one die for a righteous man.Romans 5:7 – God’s great love for usMore often, if someone is considered a really good person, it might happen.Romans 5:8 – God’s great love for usBut we were neither!Romans 5:8 – God’s great love for usWe should always realize that understanding the true nature and depth of God’s love for us is in His death for us!Romans 5:8 – God’s great love for usThe cross should forever settle the question of what God thinks of each and every one of us!Romans 5:8 – God’s great love for usGod did not love us for what we’ve done, what we could do, or because of how good we were.Romans 5:8 – God’s great love for us“Demonstrates”God actually “recommends” His love to us as a source of encouragement!Romans 5:9-10 – Great Expectations!The language here is not a prediction; it is not “automatic”.Romans 5:9-10 – Great Expectations!Justified people can expect deliverance!Romans 5:9 – Great Expectations!Our deliverance is from “wrath” and “wrath” in Romans is presently going on in response to sin!Romans 5:9 – Great Expectations!Once we are justified, we can expect deliverance from sin’s enslaving power!Romans 5:10 – Great Expectations DEAUX!Our hostile relationship with God is now friendly!Romans 5:10 – Great Expectations DEAUX!In our new relationship, we are accepted by God and can expect His deliverance.Romans 5:10 – Great Expectations DEAUX!The source of our deliverance is the resurrected Christ!Romans 5:10 – Great Expectations DEAUX!Christ’s resurrected life becomes our source of experiencing life!Gal. 2:20Romans 5:10 – Great Expectations DEAUX!There is no sense in a believer staying under sin’s enslaving power…but it does happen.Romans 5:11 – And, there’s more…When we experience deliverance, we experience joy.Romans 5:11 – And, there’s more…A life of power, a life of change, is a life of joy in God.Romans 5 – The War is Over!Since we are justified, we have peace with God and can expect deliverance and joy!
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