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Pumpkin Varieties Originally from www.backyardgardener.com/RUPP.HTM – as of 11/3/2011 Maturity days are specifically targeted for Northeastern USA Variety Days Diameter Weight Skin Vine Features Height Pumpkin: Giant Prizewinner 120 ? 50-200 # Orange Very Large An excellen
  Pumpkin Varieties Originally from www.backyardgardener.com/RUPP.HTM  as of !!/ /#$!!Maturity days are specifically targeted for %ort&eastern U'(   Variety)ays)iameter Heig&t*eig&t'kinVine+eatures Pumpkin, -iant Prizewinner 120?50-200 #OrangeVery Large  An excellent display pumpin wit! superi r s!ape and c l r t Atlantic iant$ %ig & n PVP120Large'0-200 #OrangeVery Large Very large s! w pumpin$ %ix &ax120(0-50 #OrangeVery Large Large car)er r n )elty *ill+s Atlantic iant120iant100-,00#OrangeVery Large !e . ntest /inner iant Pumpin ! ws Pumpkins, arge  Appalacian  3146/7,025#*arOrangeemi-%us!  A ew Petr 8y9rid wit! semi-9us! )ine wit! limited runners t replace 8appy :ac$ 8ig! yields and )ery uni; rm wit! excellent !andles$  Aspen  31,0,-12<1=-20 #>ic! Orangeemi-%us!  An early semi-9us! !y9rid t!at !as medium ri9s g d !andles wit! g d c l r$  A@. 8y9rid #(00,01-20#*ar Orangeemi-%us! Vig r us nearly ;ull 9us! plants early wit! sm t! ;ruit and dar range c l r rind and sturdy str ng !andles$  A@. 8y9rid #500==12-1'<1=-22#%rig!t OrangeVine > und medium sized ;ruit wit! medium deep ri9s excellent ; r car)ing str ng !andles$  A@. 8y9rid #510,51'-1<22-2#*eep OrangeVine 8 wden type ;ruit$ > und t tall s!ape deep ri9 )ery attracti)e deeply c l red ;ruit$ tr ng !andles excellent ; r car)ing %ig Autumn - 31,012-15<15-20#Orange&edium  A 9ig 9r t!er t Autumn  ld 8 wden %iggieLate1'-20<(5-0#*eep Orange 6xcellent re;inement in a true pumpin ; size$ 6arl Autumn 4new710010-1'#&d$*eepOrangeVine  A new prec ci us pumpin ;r m > gers wit! impr )ed c l r w!en c mpared t  Autumn  ld$  ld trie  31 4ew B>upp<710015-22#*ar OrangeVine  A 8 wden s!aped !y9rid pumpin wit! similar dar c l r ri99ing and !andles$ Cntrials !as a)eraged a9 ut 1 p und lig!ter t!an 8 wden & t!er L de  311001=-25#Orangeemi-%us!  A 9rand new >upp 8y9rid wit! uni; rm large pumpins in :umpin :ac .lass 9utmuc! m re uni; rm and earlier$ uperi r !andles yield and uni; rmity . nnecticut 3ield11512x1'<20-25#OrangeLarge Dsed ; r canning car)ing r st c ;eed$  Variety)ays)iameter Heig&t*eig&t'kinVine+eatures 4%ig  m7 ld >us! p)p  %* 12020-(5#*eep OrangeVine  A new large pumpin )ariety wit! !andles '< l ng and (< in diameter t!ic ;les! and !ea)y$ An t!er premium price pumpin$ >upp 6xclusi)e 8al; & n11512x1'<1'-1#OrangeLarge  A )ery t!ic ;les!ed m stly tall pumpin$ 8 wden  48arris & ran7 10520#*ar OrangeVine !e leader in c mmercial pr ducti n ; :ac-O-Lantern Pumpins$ Pan w+s 3ieldLate1(-1<20-(0#*eep Orange Large sturdy !andles n medium-large ;ruits t!ic-;les!ed s mew!at )aried ; r s!ape :umpin :ac12020-'0#*eep OrangeLarge Vig r us  A >upp exclusi)e$ Very large well !andled taller t!an wide )ariety wit! medium dar g ld c l r$ &amm t!  ld10520-'0#&edium OrangeVine  A large irregular gl 9e ;ruit wit! excellent range rind$ 3ruit is slig!tly ri99ed and ;lattened w!ere it rests n t!egr und$ ! mas 8all ween11015-(0#*eep OrangeLarge  A g d medium large )ariety t!at per; rms well ; r l cal maret r s!ipping Pumpins &id ize Autumn  ld  31,010-12<10#Orange&edium  AA /inner$ urns Orange early in gr wing seas n :ac ; All rades - 31,0=-,<,-12#*ar Orangeemi-%us!  A !y9rid t!at is )ery uni; rm in size ; t!e;ruit !as an excellent !andle and is sm t! wit! sutures$ 3ruits n a )ery )ig r ur yet semi-9us! plant ! st >ider11512x1<10-12#*ar OrangeLarge  A superi r pumpin wit! an excellent !andle 8ar)est & n10012-15<10-1=#Orangeemi-%us!  A space sa)ing mid-size pumpin wit! a g d !andle :acp t6arly12-1'<10-1=#&ed$ Orangeemi-%us! &ed size ;ruits t!at are g g ; r pies and:ac-O-Lanterns !ig!ly pr ducti)e )ines 3r sty,010<10#Orangeemi-%us!  An excellent 9us! Eac- -lantern 3unny 3ace10011x1'<10-12#Orangeemi-%us! Pr duces a runner a;ter ;ruit set pirit,=12x1'<10-12#Orangeemi-%us!  AA /inner$  d ; r pies r car)ing$  d !andle ric r reat10511x1'<10-12#Orangeemi-%us!  d car)er ; r pie and naed seeded :ac-O-Lantern100=x=<10#OrangeLarge > und uni; rm sm t!sinned yell w t!ic ;les! /izardLate10-12<10-1'#* Orange ice dar c l r wit! uni; rm set sm t! textured sin wit! lig!t ri9 g d yield F ung+s %eauty100=x=$5<=-10#*ar OrangeLarge  An lder !ard sinned dar range medium sized pumpin  Variety)ays)iameter Heig&t*eig&t'kinVine+eatures PD&PGC PC6Pee a % 4new7,0x5<($5-'#OrangeVine  A small pumpin wit! l ng dar green !andles$ Dni; rm in size and s!ape$ reat ; r dec rating$ p tacular=5x5<(-5#OrangeVine  A )ine type !y9rid additi n ;r m P6O int!e %a9y Pam .lass$  d c l r g d stem uni; rm$ricster 4new7 ,0,<2-(#>ic! Orangeemi-%us! Cdeal ; r dec rati ns g d !andle deep range !ig! yields %a9y Pam1005x5$5<2#OrangeLarge 6xcellent ; r pies$ 8ig! Fields$ Dni; rm riple reat110=<'-#*eep OrangeLarge  A !ulless seeded pie pumpin ;r m %urpee$ mall ugar100xH<5-#Orange&edium P pular garden )ariety ; r pies r canning mall ugar 4Asgr w train7100xH<5-#Orange&edium  A selecti n wit! distinctly superi r !andlew!en c mpared t t!er mall ugar strains p ie105<5-#Orange&edium ugar Pie  :ac-O-Lantern cr ss m re uni; rm ugar reat - 31,05<(#*eep Orangeemi-%us! >upp exclusi)e emi-9us! 4%a9y Pam 8y9rid uper !andle and excellent c l r ;ruit$ m t! ri99ed PD&PGC &iniature @ pecialty%a9y %ear 4p)p7 1,,(-AA /inner  1055x<1#OrangeVine  An All American electi ns /inner ; r 1,,($ Larger t!an %a9y Pam$ L nd '< !andle$  d disease t lerant %a9y % p)p100(x2<1I'#/!iteVine  A w!ite :ac-%-Juic type )ariety$ ! uld 9e planted later t!an :ac-%-Juic types 9ecause it will turn a pale yell w at ;ull maturity %ucsin115Hx10<12#%u;;Large  A !y9rid ; r pr cessing$ H-10 days earlier t!an OP strains$ L s lie a large 9u;; c l red ac rn .asper,0=x10<10-20#/!iteVine  A sm t! w!ite sinned pumpin ; r painting$ %rig!t w!ite 9acgr und$ 3airytale 4new7100x15<15#OrangeVine  A ;renc! !eirl m wit! uniKue c l r s!ape ;la) r and 9aing Kuality t!at will 9e additi n t y ur ;res! maret sales$ imilar t > ug! 9ut wit! di;;erent sin c l rati n :ac-%-Little,5(x2<1I'#Orange&edium &iniature pumpin ; r dec rati n$  d seller  :ac-%-Juic,5(x2<1I'#Orange&edium  A m re ri99ed selecti n ; :ac-%-Little wit! smaller$ aller and darer range ;ruit  Variety)ays)iameter Heig&t*eig&t'kinVine+eatures &unc!in6arly2-(<1I'#&ed$Lt$ Orange &iniature pumpin  well suited ; r arrangements and ;all dec rati ns Oz6arly5-<'-5#%rig!t Orange Prec ci us yell w ;ruit t!at will c l r early sturdy dar green !andles sm t!sin appearance Lumina PVP  4new7 ,0=x10<10-15#/!iteVine 6xcellent ; r 9 t! car)ing and painting$ 6xcellent eating 9rig!t range ;les! s! w itsel; n cut ;ruit > uge Vi; d+6tampes 4.inderella7 105x15<10-20#>eddis! OrangeVine  A uniKue pumpin ;r m 3rance$ A ;lattened deeply ridged ;ruit$ urprising 9eautygreat yield and ;la) r$
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