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Latest newsletter from the Queensland Network of Alcohol and Other Drug Agencies
  www.qnada.org.au ISSUE 3 2013    focus      2   QNADA acknowledges Absrcinal and Torres Strait Islander people as the tradional custodians of thiscountry and its waters. QNADA wish to pay their respect to Elders past and present and extend this to allAbsrcinal and Torres Strait Islander people reading this message.QNADA acknowledges funding assistanceprovided by the Australian GovernmentDepartment of Health and Ageing andQueensland Health.   From the ipen of theExecutive Officer   Welcome to the third edion of QNADA Focus for 2013. I hope you enjoy this edion.   This issue I am delighted to announce the launch of the new QNADA website. The websitewill become a great hub for communicang with our members and sharing resources.   I’ve been chang to the QH folk recently, keeping in touch about a range of issues and amhopeful that contracts for the period beyond July 2013 will be with you all shortly, so staytuned!As always, Marguerite and I have been busy with a number of policy submissions andconsultaon processes, with the key acvies summarised on page 8. In a nutshell, ourmessage runs along the lines of “the NGO AOD sector provides a wide range of AODservices across the state that benet communies and families and with greaterinvestment, we can deliver more high quality, cost - eecves services”. Thank you tothose members who’ve contributed to the consultaon processes, providing ideas,background, praccal experiences and support for the submissions.Last month we were able to provide subsidy’s for a number of members to aend thePHAA Complex and Social Needs Conference in Canberra. A thank you to Charlie fromGoldbridge for his summary , which can be found on page 4. We’ll shortly be adversingmore scholarships to aend conferences over the rest of the year—there’s quite a fewcoming up in the second half of the year that will be held in Brisbane, so stay tuned.   Recently the Qld Treasurer tabled the government’s response to the Costello Commissionof Audit (view the report).   I’ve done a quick scan of the health and community servicesrecommendaons and it doesn’t seem there’s anything new – it’s all about contestabilityof services (good for us) and clarifying responsibilies with the Federal Government (alsogood for us).Finally a reminder that Drug Acon Week is fast approaching. We know that many of youare planning acvies and it would be great if you not only let ADCA know so that theycan promote your acvies and supply you with materials but also us as we’ll helppromote your events also. You can do this on theDrug Acon Week website.We’re currently nalising our plans and will let you know what we’ll be up to very soon.   Happy reading!   Rbeca    T QNADA T   R MB   Execuve Ocer   M L   Improved ServicesCoordinator   L 20300 Q S   B QLD 4000   P: 07 3023 5050   E: @q..   QNADA has a twier account—   @QLDNADA   Become a follower as we’ll be regularlytweeng!      3   T    N QLD!   In mid March QNADA visit North QLD to meet with ourmembers and discuss the opportunies and challengeswithin the region. A Summary of the forums is available ontheQNADA website.   In both Townsville and Cairns the forums brought togetherworkers from Medicare Locals, HHSs, community services,government departments and research instutes, GPs andallied health professionals.   Discussion focused on the primary drugs of concern anddemographics of clients in each region, as well asconsidering how QNADA could facilitate greatercollaboraon.   It was also great to undertake some site visits with ourmembers. There’s nothing like seeing a service in acon—italways provides a deeper understanding than you can getfrom phone conversaons.   During the site visits issues discussed included:    an urgent need for funding assistance to supportinfrastructure maintenance and expansion;    a growing demand for residenal rehabilitaon servicesfor families and women with under school agedchildren;    the somemes unintended impacts of policy changesacross communies, including economic policy reformin discrete communies; and    the review of Alcohol Management Plans - AMPs havehad posive impacts on reducing harm associated withalcohol misuse, however there have been someunintended consequences with respect to increasedillicit substance misuse.   All in all it was a great visit and we look forward to workingtogether to acon some of the great ideas that werediscussed. the new QNADA website is here! W’  y p  w QNADA w    w   y p (   )  y ’ w !   T w w    wy    w y,  , w         . F   w :    A P R   w, QNADA py p  , y  p       5  w   w    ;    AOD JB  QNADA       p ;     A T   .   W’    y  w w q  pw. O ’ p , y’    q  y  @q...   A   w        p  w y  w    y.   F w,   y   QNADA w p  y. W’  w y     w.   F   y w  CADDS y     w wy -   q wy    “R”     .   www.qnada.org.au     4   Firstly, Goldbridge very much appreciates the support of QNADA for the acquision of a scholarship to aend thePHAA - Naonal Social Inclusion and Complex NeedsConference in Canberra. Aendance at the conferencecomplimented various acvies in our quest to increaseknowledge about the complex needs of our AOD clients, andwas a great opportunity to hear rst - hand of current trends,with a view of steering Goldbridge in direcons whichconnue to meet the current and emerging needs of ourclients.   Of parcular note was the plight of women, with reportsstang they have very high mental health/AOD use problems,and greater barriers to treatment, which conrms our ownopinion there needs to be treatment facilies which canhouse women accompanied by young children. The idea of agreaternumberof gender specic treatment opons was alsooated by Angela Dawson, University of Technology, Sydney.Related to this, was the presentaon by Jill Roberts (Jusce &Forensic MH Network, NSW), suggesng that womenentering incarceraon have very high rates of AOD useproblems, with parcular concern for those who are pregnantin a challenging prison health care system, but by engagingthem in to treatment early, has provided opportunies toimprove their health status and those of unborn babies.   The Smoke - Free policy in a residenal seng, presented byAngela Hehir (J&FMH Network –NSW), had some interesngoutcomes, nong that smoking rates for MH paents ishigher than the norm. About 39% of people were angry atbeing forced to stop, yet 45% had wanted to give up, with75% feeling that living in a smoke - free environment had aposive eect on their health, with many intending to remainsmoke - free on discharge. It seems likely, that similaroutcomes would be found in a residenal AOD seng.The S - Check project, a new early intervenon project forsmulant users, was presented by Nadine Ezard, St VincentsHospital, NSW), and is due to commence in May 2013. Theaim of the project is to provide a low threshold intervenonto bridge to the gap between treatment and no - treatment,and will include brief intervenons, biopsychosocialassessments and referrals.   The presentaon made by Gino Vumbacca (ANCD), was of parcular interest in light of the Queensland Drug Courtclosing, as interstate, it is seen as a cost eecve measure of diverng people to residenal treatment, as opposed toprison.   The Blood, Sweat and Tears session, discussed buildingsustainable interagency and intersectoral relaonships, whichinvolved a forum of agencies developing a collaboravestrategy to address service systems barriers. This linked inquite well to the Creang An Integrated Primary Mental Health Plaorm , whereby the collaboraon of primary careand public service provision are being co - located under theone roof.   Since the overall theme of the conference was about socialinclusion and complex needs, unsurprisingly much wasspoken about Partnership Development, Shared Care andthat Best Pracce = Integrated Pracce. While most  modelspresented seemed very successful, from the point of view of  Goldbridge however, it seems we have much more work todo, parcularly in building stronger partnerships in the localmental health eld, since the current situaon seems to bethe MH eld not fully recognising the duality of AOD/MHproblems – therefore, this will remain a challenge for now,and the future.   C B, CEO   10 Garden Street, Southport,QLD 4215PO Box 3519, Australia Fair,Southport, QLD 4215 Soi Inui n Cmplx Neds  raci: Wkn Togeth…   Earlier the month QNADA sponsored five members to attend the PHAA National Social Inclusion and Complex NeedsConference in Canberra. We thank Charlie of Goldbridge for this summary of the conference and you can view othersummaries on the QNADA Board. I y’  y q     y  p    ,  C   .   QNADA   PHAA     . N y    p y,y     p p QLD,     -     w w   .   Y   PHAA w  w  p  p   p y  HM B MP, M  M H  A Aw L MP, Sw Py SyR H S  I H.  

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