RPC DQA but also Monitoring for the DCS group: status and prospective for 2013-2014

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RPC DQA but also Monitoring for the DCS group: status and prospective for 2013-2014. Marcello Bindi RPC L1MU Barrel DQM - 08/05/2013. LVL1 – DCS Comparison . Developments for the 2013-2014 . DQA/LVL1 with DCS Monitoring of the Ratio  TriggerRates / Luminosity
RPC DQA but also Monitoring for the DCS group:status and prospective for 2013-2014Marcello BindiRPC L1MU Barrel DQM - 08/05/2013LVL1 – DCS Comparison Developments for the 2013-2014 DQA/LVL1 with DCS
  • Monitoring of the Ratio  TriggerRates / Luminosity
  • Commit of general overview panels with Trigger Towergranularity
  • Monitoring of the ratios respect to Luminosity(Proper Alarm has to be set)
  • LowPT and HighPt differenciation shoul be finally be possible by 2014! (already in place in the DCS the infrastracture for the two kind of reates BM/BO, at the moment only BM(LowPt) is filled properly)
  • Monitoring of the Ratio  DetectorCurrents / Luminosity
  • Commitof general overview panels with Gas Gap granularity
  • Monitoring of the ratios respect to Luminosity (Proper Alarm has to be set)
  • Monitoring of the Relative Ratio  DetectorCurrents/TriggerRates
  • Commitof general overview panels with Trigger Tower granularity
  • Monitoring of the ratios respect to Luminosity (Proper Dynamic Alarm to be set)
  • Work only started and partially incompleted; to add also the Trigger Towers and the Detecto Currents for the Feet Region !!Monitoring of the detector current and trigger rates as a function of LuminosityWe should check basically the slope of those plots below; we should have one plot like those here (global quantity in this case) for each Detector Area (for example BM2A08.CO.) for each Trigger Tower (for example sl44_t2) but also for HighTriggerTower (sl44_t2_BO) and LowTriggerTower(sl44_t2_BM)OFFLINE – DCS comparisonOffline – DCS integration
  • The idea is to use the DCS info in the Offline plots, in order to cross-check the info written by DCS in the COOL condition database.
  • This would help the MUON DQ shifter to understand/find the new problems and validate both system.
  • Validation is urgent !! This could be done with the old 2011-2012 data, retrieving the information from the COOL condition databaseMonitoring offline can retrieve info from RPC DCS from condition database (filled by DCS expert) using muon condition service (M. Verducci)The code, developed by G.Chiodinishould be useful.DCS vs Offline statusWork done but not in the release
  • Info used is Deadpanel and Offpanel
  • Deadpanel and Offpanel from RPC DCS
  • are plotted similarly to single hits RPCTwo kind of 2D plots ready:
  • Sector vs Eta station
  • Panel vsLumiblock
  • Not clear when in the release and than to tier0 !!Validation of COOL DB information
  • Trigger Tower granularity:
  •  already done through the experience of 2 years of data taking;
  • a bug has been found few month ago with a mismatch between SIDE A and C (when de-sync of one full side appeared)
  • ROPanel granularity:
  •  still to be commissioned; maybe a preliminary validation of the information is needed before the start of the 2012 data taking;
  • no need to do it after implementing the code and the visualization plots at Tier-0 (by simply comparing a text files with Off-Dead Ropanels list from DCS and VeryLowEfficiencyROPanelslist from DQOffline)
  • Marcello BindiDCS and Offline Cross-CheckThe check of DEADROPanels (140 /8545 due to disconnected gaps ) read out by OFFLINE algorithm have finally started. Detector or LVL1 OFFLINE
  • In the odd sectors (1-3-5-7) we found a perfect correspondence between foreseen detector holes and the OFFLINE one’s (empty bins in occupancy plots).
  • In the even sectors (2-4-6-8) we found some mismatches in S2-S3 special chambers and in BOS.
  • OFFLINE Detector or LVL1
  • However we found few holes that were not foreseen by the Detector or LVL1 information available to DCS; this is exactly what we want to have under control. They maybe single ROPanels (ETA or PHI view) not properly working.
  • To be further investigated!DCS and Offline Cross-Check
  • First look (8/16 sectors) at the DCS information written into COOL DB via OFFLINE monitoring
  • The association between Trigger Towers (masked or killed during a run) and Offline ROPanels during a run seems to be correct. This has been tested only for the sectors were killed/masked towers were present.
  • Ideally we may think to use a run during HI period to test the system by killing and recovering sequentially every tower and look at the data in the DB afterward.
  • Conclusion
  • 3 main hot items still pending:
  • Make the monitoring of Trigger Tower and Detector Current more smart and reliable, in order to give us a prompt feed-back during data taking. The dynamic due to the Luminosity spread will be likely a factor 2 bigger.
  • DCS-OFFLINE comparison at Tier0 Monitoring (we would be the first to do this kind of fast cross-check). Very important to understand and justify our possible holes!!
  • The DCS software (DataPointsCOOL Folder, DQ Scripts) will have to be updated, taking into account the new monitoring of the LowPt Trigger towers and off course the Feet Region upgrade.
  • Back-UpMap of Detector Currents (μA/m2)Barrel Outer Gap CurrentsMap of LVL1 rates or Gap currents /Lumi (Hz/1033cm-2sec-1)MU4 rate/ATLAS Lumi
  • These numbers will have to be constantly monitored via DCS scripts/alarms (maybe also by MUON shifter) to spot new problems/bad behavior ( f.e. Gap currents or LVL1 rates during a fill that do not follow the luminosity trend) .
  • Very crucial is to check the ratio Rate/Current for each ETA-PHI region (Monitoring of background currents and LVL1 noise)!
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