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simboli cvijeta
    Symbols   Meanings   Acacia blossom   secret love, beauty in retirement, chaste love   Arbor Vitae   unchanging friendship   Aster   symbol of love, love of variety, elegance, memories, daintiness   Bamboo   long life, flexibility, prosperity   Bay Laurel   triumph   Bittersweet   truth   Bluebell   humility, constancy   Buttercup   childishness   Cactus   endurance, warmth   Camellia, red   you're a flame in my heart   Camellia, white   loveliness, you're adorable, ideal love   Carnation   refusal, impulsiveness, fascination, capriciousness, joy   Cattail   peace, prosperity   Chrysanthemum   cheerfulness, optimism, truth, hope, you're a wonderful friend, rest   Chrys., red   I love   Chrys., white   truth   Chrys., yellow   slighted love   Clover, four-leaf    good luck, be mine   Columbine   resolved to win   Cowslip   pensiveness, winning grace   Crocus   cheerfulness, abuse not   Cyclamen   resignation and good-bye   Cypress, bald   emblem of Louisiana, U.S.A.   Daffodil   desire, affection, regard, unrequited love, you're the only one, emblem of Wales   Daisy   innocence, loyal love   Daisy, bronze   generosity   Dandelion   faithfulness, happiness, love's oracle   Deadly nightshade   falsehood   Delphinium   lightness, levity ardent attachment   Eucalyptus   emblem of Tasmania   Fern   magic, fascination, confidence and shelter   Fern, maidenhair   secret bond of love   Filbert   reconciliation    Fir   time   Flax   domestic symbol, fate   Forget-me-not   true love, forget me not, memories   Forsythia   anticipation   Freesia   trust   Fuchsia, scarlet   taste   Gardenia   you're lovely, secret love   Garlic   courage, strength   Geranium   stupidity, folly   Geranium, rose   preference   Geranium, scarlet   consolation   Gladiolus   preparedness, strength, splendid beauty, love at first sight   Golden rod   be cautious   Grass   submission, utility   Heliotrope   devotion   Huckleberry   faith   Hyacinth   games and sports, rashness, flower dedicated to Apollo   Hyacinth, blue   constancy   Hyacinth, purple   I'm sorry, please forgive me, sorrow   Hyacinth, red or pink    play   Hyacinth, white   unobtrusive loveliness, I'll pray for you   Hyacinth, yellow    jealousy   Hydrangea   thank you for understanding, frigidity, heartlessness   Iris   cherished friendship, faith, hope, wisdom and valour, my compliments   Iris (fleur-de-lis)   emblem of France, emblem of Florence, Italy, symbol of royalty   Ivy   fidelity, wedded love, friendship   Jasmine   amiability   Jonquil   love me, affection returned, desire, sympathy, desire for a return of affection   Lady's slipper   win me and wear me   Larkspur   lightness, levity ardent attachment   Larkspur, pink    fickleness   Lavender   best wishes and good luck    Lilac   the first emotions of love   Lily (Fleur-de-lis)   devotion, emblem of France, Holy Trinity, faith, wisdom, chivalry, royalty   Lily of the valley   sweetness, purity, return of happiness, humility, return of  happiness   Lily, calla   beauty   Lily, day   coquetry, Chinese emblem for mother   Lily, orangehatred   Lily, tiger   wealth, pride   Lily, white   sweetness, virginity, purity, majesty, it's heavenly to be with you   Lily, yellow   gaiety, gratitude, I'm walking on air, false and gay   Lily-of-the-valley   sweetness, tears of the Virgin Mary, return of happiness, humility   Lotus   estranged love   Magnolia   nobility, love of nature, emblem of Louisiana, U.S.A.   Maple   emblem of Canada   Maple, sugar   emblem of New York, U.S.A.   Marigold   cruelty, grief, jealousy   Mistletoe   kiss me, affection, to surmount difficulties, sacred plant of India   Mock Orange   deceit   Monkshooddanger is near, beware a deadly foe is near, chivalry   Moss   maternal love, charity   Myrtle   love, fertility, Hebrew emblem of marriage   Narcissus   conceit, self-love, egotism, formality, stay as sweet as you are   Nasturtium   conquest, victory in battle, patriotism   Oak    strength   Oats   the witching soul of music   Oleander   caution, beware   Orange blossom   innocence, chastity, eternal love, marriage, fruitfulness   Orchid   love, beauty, refinement, beautiful lady, Chinese symbol for many children   Palm leaves   victory, success   Pansy   thoughts   Parsley   useful knowledge   Passion flower   faith   Peach   marriage   Peach blossom   I am your captive   Pear   affection   Peony   shame, good life, happy marriage, bashfulness, emblem of Indiana, U.S.A.   Petunia   resentment, anger, your presence soothes me   Pine   hope, pity, symbol of Iroquois league    Pine, Eastern white   emblem of Ontario, Canada   Pineapple   hospitality   Poppy   eternal sleep, oblivion, imagination   Poppy, red   pleasure, consolation   Poppy, white   consolation, sleep   Poppy, yellow   wealth, success   Prickly pear   satire   Primrose   evening, inconstancy   Rose  I  am worthy of you, love, nativity, emblem of England and of New York, U.S.A.   Rose, full bouquet   gratitude   Rose garland   reward of merit or virtue   Rose, pink    happiness   Rose, red   love, remembrance, passion   Rose, white   purity   Rose, yellow   infidelity   Rosemary   your presence revives me   Shamrock    lightheartedness, emblem of Christian Ireland, Holy Trinity   Snapdragon   deception, gracious lady, presumption   Spider flower   elope with me   Spider in web   patience   Stephanotis   happiness in marriage, desire to travel   Stock    bond of affection, promptness, lasting beauty   Straw   agreement   Sweet pea   good-bye, departure, blissful pleasure, thanks for a lovely time, thinking of you   Thistle   emblem of Scotland   Trillium   floral symbol of the province of Ontario, Canada   Tulip   luck, perfect lover, fame, flower emblem of Holland   Tulip, red   believe me, declaration of love   Tulip, variegated   beautiful eyes   Tulip, yellow   hopeless love   Turnip   charity   Verbena   Pray for me   Violet   modesty, faithfulness, emblem of Rhode Island, U.S.A.   Violet, blue   watchfulness, faithfulness, I'll always be true   Willow   mourning   Wintergreen   harmony  
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