Talk on Home Automation & IoT - PhaseShift 2016 - BMS - With QA & Event Pics

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1. silvanRitesh Nagpal, AVP - Operations, Silvan Innovation Labs Talk on Home Automation & IoT 2. LETS TALK ABOUT IOT & HOME AUTOMATION Who else is talking about…
  • 1. silvanRitesh Nagpal, AVP - Operations, Silvan Innovation Labs Talk on Home Automation & IoT
  • 2. LETS TALK ABOUT IOT & HOME AUTOMATION Who else is talking about it?
  • 4. INTERNET OF THINGS ▪ Interaction and exchange of data between machines and objects connected over internet ▪ Processing of data to sense, command, control and decipher things to make life more safe, secure, comfortable and fun! ▪ Connectivity at virtually anyplace has created an inflection point
  • 5. SMART DEVICES IN OUR HOMES TODAY ▪ Computers ▪ Tablets ▪ Phones
  • 6. SMART DEVICES IN OUR HOMES TOMORROW Interactive devices ▪ Computers ▪ Phones ▪ Lights ▪ Fans ▪ AC ▪ Sprinklers ▪ Coffee Maker ▪ TVs ▪ Washers ▪ Dryers ▪ Media Servers ▪ Home theater system ▪ Music System ▪ Home automation controller Sensing Devices ▪ Door sensors ▪ Presence sensors ▪ Heat sensors ▪ Gas Leak Sensors ▪ CO sensor ▪ Temperature sensors ▪ Humidity sensors ▪ Wet floor sensor ▪ Water level sensors ▪ Cameras ▪ Video Door Phones This “tomorrow” is not that far off… Several homes are getting equipped with this even today, right here in India
  • 7. BUT IS IT RELEVANT TO ME? As an Architect, I am more interested in….
  • 8. AS AN ARCHITECT, I AM MORE INTERESTED IN…. ▪ Collaborative Design ▪ Open Spaces ▪ Sustainable Design ▪ Energy Conservation ▪ Building Technology ▪ Human Context of Design
  • 9. LETS LOOK AT SOME USE-CASES… Which are relevant to me, as an architect…
  • 10. USE CASES ▪ Create Interesting logic using “If This then That”.. Let things take care of themselves: ▪ Room too hot -> Temperature sensor senses -> AC responds ▪ You enter a dark area -> Presence sensor triggers the lights ▪ Visitor on your door when you are away -> Your Door camera senses his presence and alerts you on your cellphone with his picture ▪ Unwanted presence in your house, sensor senses and alerts you over phone ▪ Gas Leak detected -> Actuator shuts off the supply ▪ You enter the home -> Home detects your presence -> Starts playing your favorite music ▪ More interesting and complex logic “If This then That And That” ▪ If Room too hot Then Turn On AC AND Draw Curtains ▪ If Burglary Sensed Then Send SMS alerts AND Switch on Lights ▪ Integrate with Cloud: ▪ You are on vacation -> Schedule lights and sprinklers on your calendar -> Your calendar on cloud is read by “things in your home” -> Triggers lights and sprinklers as per your setting ▪ Scheduled Scenarios – Morning, Day, Evening, Dinner, Good Night. ▪ The Home operates on its own and does things for you ▪ Adapts itself to your usage pattern ▪ Optimizes resource utilization, conserves energy
  • 11. CONNECTING THE DOTS… Interesting use-cases but how are they related to an architect like me…
  • 12. • Simplify life by Curtain Motors • Secure it with Glass Break Detector • Secure it with door sensor • Make it lively by Scheduling Curtain operations BIG WINDOWS
  • 13. • Simplify life Automated drip control • Make it lively by designing a Music Zone HOME GARDEN
  • 14. • Simplify life Light, AC & Curtain Control • Secure it with Glass Break Detector & Door Sensors • Make it lively by Scheduling Curtain & light operations • Make it personal by dedicated music zones. PERSONAL SPACES
  • 15. • Simplify life Light, AC , Home Theater & Curtain Control • Secure it with Glass Break Detector & Door Sensors • Optimize the lighting & AC by controlling curtains and scheduling • Make it personal by dedicated music zones. COMMON SPACES
  • 16. • Simplify life Presence Detector • Secure it with Panic Buttons & other sensors MORE SPACES
  • 17. THE BIGGER PICTURE… Not just about a home, but about the building, the community…
  • 18. SMART BUILDINGS & SMART CITIES ▪ Secure communities by cloud based sensor integration gateway like IPSM ▪ Energy efficient buildings with smart sensors, scheduling & automated monitoring ▪ Smart cities with automated logic to control various situations.
  • 20. IS IT JUST A THEORY? Who are using it, anyway?
  • 21. HOMES MADE SMART BY SILVAN Total Environment – Windmills of Your Minds (Blr) Sobha – Habitech Bangalore’s first Smart Homes (Blr) Total Environment – The Magic Faraway Tree (Blr) Dhammanagi – Leaves (Blr) Nambiar – Bellezea (Blr) Indraprastha– Ruhe (Blr) Total Environment – Songs From the Woods - Pune Lodha – Fiorenza (Mum) Brigade Palm Grove, Mysore Tata Housing The Promont (Blr) Prestige Lakeside Habitat (Blr) VDB Willow Farm (Blr)
  • 22. SOME MORE… Sobha Marvella (Blr) Zonasha Paradiso (Blr) Bluejay Nine Forum (Blr) Cinoti , Allure (Blr) Prince Courtyard, Chennai ASV Alexandria, Chennai TE, Van Gogh Gardens, (Blr) TE, Meadow Dance, (Hyd) Wilasa – Pride , Blr Mangalore Hills , Mangalore Internet City, Mlr Hanging Gardens, Golden Gate Properties, Blr Sobha ICG, Gurgaon
  • 23. HOW DO I START? Interesting, but what is next?
  • 24. SIMPLIFYING DESIGN ▪ Complement your design with Technology ▪ Look for solving real use-cases using Home Automation & IoT ▪ Focus on simplifying life and enhancing user experience ▪ Select the technology solution based on the user-persona, like elderly people, working couples, office premises ▪ Basically let the “connected things” communicate with each other and do some work on their own without you acting as a messenger and telling them all the time what to do  ▪ Give human touch to your design by getting it connected to IoT
  • 25. Thank You
  • 27. QUESTION - ANSWERS Question: How secure is it to use Home Automation System? Answer: Yes it is secure to use home automation system. There are several security protocols are used to ensure that the system is accessed by authorized persons only. Having said that, security also requires one to set a good password to secure his/her phone and the smart home App. For typical day to day operations like lights on/off, the security threat is low. However operations like arming/disarming and door unlock are more venerable and are secured with additional passwords etc. Fear of security breach shouldn’t be a reason to avoid using a technology. Sometime back, using banking over phone was considered insecure, now it has become so common.
  • 28. QUESTION - ANSWERS Question: Will home automation make me, as an architect, lazy? Since I know that there are several options possible using automation, so why should I spend time on structural design? Answer: Technology and design go hand in hand. Just because technology gives you more options, you shouldn’t remove basic features from your design. For example, before HVAC, the building used to be designed and optimized for proper ventilation. With advancement in HVAC technology, these basic principals are not removed. You should use technology as a tool to enhance your design.
  • 29. QUESTION - ANSWERS Question: What is the best time to consider home automation in the design? Answer: The best time is after or during finalization of electrical loads in the design. This is the best time to optimize conduits and incorporate new features. Recent development in wireless solutions has made retrofit designing also possible, however you get optimum results if you add during electrical load finalization.
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