Using Video to Support Teacher Learning, Program Improvement, and edTPA Readiness

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Researchers Marti Elford from University of Kansas, Heather Johnson from Vanderbilt University, Kirsten Lathrop from Marquette University, and Suzanne Arnold from University of Colorado - Denver present at AACTE Annual Meeting 2016 in Las Vegas, NV, on use of Edthena in their respective programs.
  • 1. Using Video to Support Teacher Learning, Program Improvement, and edTPA Readiness Kansas, Vanderbilt, Marquette, Colorado-Denver
  • 2. Taking Video Clubs Online Heather Johnson Vanderbilt University
  • 3. Video Analysis in Teacher Ed • Important vs. unimportant events • Analysis of teaching vs. evaluation of teacher • Make sense of classroom events
  • 4. Program Goal: Student Thinking as a Resource • What does student talk and student work reveal about student thinking? • How does the teacher facilitate opportunities to elicit, engage, and deepen student thinking? Video serves as a common text to view, analyze, and open for commentary
  • 5. Traditional Video Club Model
  • 6. Video Analysis with Edthena • Save time
  • 7. Traditional Video Club Model
  • 8. Video Clubs with Edthena
  • 9. Video Analysis with Edthena • Save time • Increase participation
  • 10. Video Analysis with Edthena • Save time • Increase participation • Deepen quality of noticing, interactions and reflection
  • 11. Deepen quality of noticing, interactions and reflection Program Goal: Student Thinking as a Resource Clip Selection Teacher-focused >>>>>> Student-focused Video Analysis Management >>>>>> Student thinking
  • 12. sneak preview
  • 13. Martha D. Elford, Ph.D. Director, Online Practicum Department of Special Education
  • 14. Demo
  • 15. Open up dialogue and promote metacognition Evidence based or high leverage teaching practices Positive, specific, reinforce high leverage teaching practices Instructive, or interesting observations
  • 16. Scaling a Statewide Support Network for Teacher Training
  • 17. Record classroom teaching Planning and implementation of feedback Coach provides comments Teacher digests and responds to comments Share video and complete pre-cycle form Complete post-cycle reflection Reflection and Support Cycle Using Edthena
  • 18. ● Make video a key source of evidence ● Engage in conversation about teacher and student actions ● Define next steps and strategies in a way that can be documented via video for the next reflection and support cycle Let video drive the cycle 1 2 3 4
  • 19. Give timely feedback ● Increase the relevance of self-reflection and coaching through time condensed cycles which encourage dialogue ● Expect for teachers to upload classroom video within 24 hours of capture (better if same-day) ● Require instructors to provide feedback within 48 hours of a video being uploaded 1 2 3 4
  • 20. Use video as a diagnostic ● Set a baseline for each of your teachers’ skill level at the beginning of the school year ● Analyze classroom video to identify a personalized set of target skills for the year ● Define a growth plan that is developmentally appropriate for each teacher 1 2 3 4
  • 21. Seek evidence of transferring curriculum to practice ● Use video to see your students put the program’s curriculum into practice ● Build a library of videos highlighting a wide range of skill level ● Incorporate video models into curriculum to serve as examples and nonexamples of pedagogical expectations 1 2 3 4
  • 22. Utilizing the Edthena Platform to Support Teacher Candidates at Marquette University with edTPA
  • 23. Marquette’s Teacher Candidates’ Handbooks: • Elementary Literacy • Secondary English/Language Arts • Secondary Math • Secondary Science • Secondary History/Social Studies • Secondary World Languages
  • 24. Benefits to edTPA Teacher Candidates: • Option to use Edthena platform until payment has been made to Pearson for submission • Clear outline of templates • One organized location for saving all tasks and templates • Convenience of video editing tools • Ease of transfer to Pearson for official scoring
  • 25. 30 What the candidates see
  • 26. Benefits to edTPA Coordinators: • Ease of inviting teacher candidates via email • Ability to add program-specific documents for candidates to access • Convenience for use with on-campus writing sessions/boot camps • Organized way of tracking whose portfolios are “in progress” and “transferred”
  • 27. Feedback from Teacher Candidates As part of our end of student teaching survey, students were asked to offer feedback about our program’s use of the Edthena online platform… 92% of respondents found Edthena to be a useful tool for their edTPA work.
  • 28.  It was easy enough to use and figure out.  Easy to use.  I found this tool very easy and helpful to use for my edTPA.  Perfect way to keep all of the items organized.  It was incredibly beneficial to have a template to follow that laid all the necessary pieces in a structured format. I really appreciated it!  Great!  It was pretty easy to use.  Edthena was extremely helpful and kept me organized; I would recommend it again.  No issues at all.
  • 29.  The Edthena was well laid out and made clear what was expected for each section.  It was excellent and easy to use. I liked it.  It worked!  It was helpful.  It was great.  The Edthena platform was really helpful in completing the edTPA.  I found it helpful.  It works!  I thought that Edthena was simple to use and the video tool was helpful.  Edthena was a useful platform.  It was a good platform for edTPA. Easy to understand and use.  Use it again!
  • 30. Highly Recommended by Marquette University’s College of Education!
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