Vancouver Punk 1978

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Les. Wiseman's September 1978 Vancouver Punk article.
  Punk Ro,ck in the City· Plus A 26 Page Fall Fashion Feature  Garden Party:D.O.A. band membersand musiciansf rom other ever-changing punk  bands showtheir lighter sidein the Burnaby backyard of D.O.A. lead singer JoeyShithead (second from left). New Wave M.usic: Back to Basics R andy Rampageis sipping from .a mickey of rye on thelawn outside the SportsBeat Inn, blondebrush-cutarranged to appearmeticulously unat- tended,his ensembletarnishedblack  leather motorcyclejacket,tornT-shirt and oily dungarees.Rampageis apunk  rocker;he playsbass with D.O.A. (Dead OnArrival), Vancouver'spremier punk - rock band.But the punk rock business here isnotalucrative one.Tonight, there is a gong show at theSportsBeat Inn;top prize istwo hundred dollars andD.O.A. needsit.Joey Shithead(not his real name), lead vocalistandfront-man f orthe group,allows thathe isworriedabout get- ting the bandonstage.The problemisthat By LesWiseman drummer, HungryChuck Biscuits (likewise nothis real name),is onlyfif- teen,not yetlegallyold enoughtoenter a publicdrink ingestablishment. Joey, at 22 theoldest member of the group,hasbeen partof Vancouver'smus- icalscenelonger than theothersand k nows somethingabout musical sub- tleties andperf ormingstratagems. We're gonnaplay so f***ingloudthatthey won't beable togongus, hesays,grinningat Chuck. Chuck justsnif fles and look sanx- ious.To dispeltheirworries,they drink  and talk about themusicbusiness, about how theirE.P. (Extended Playrecord) is beingdistributedataloss.Therecord containsf our selections- Disco Sucks ,  Nazi Training C amp , RoyalPolice and W okeU  pScr eaming- and cost two dol-larsapieceto mak e, yet D.O.A. isselling ittoretailersfor anywherefrom$1.50 to $1.69forthe retailer to mark up to bet- ween$2and$2.98. Theythink that maybe 120have beensold from their production of 500. Rampageannounces that he coerced hismotherinto buying sixcopies. Chuck Biscuits is allowed into the bar, andthemanagement tells the boysthat theymay playonly one number.The band huddles anddecides thatitwill play two songs withoutanybreak between. While twoyounglong-haired chanteusesmerrily sing Cali fornia Dr eamin'  aridabouncyoverweight businessman jigsthrough the pacesof  T ie A Y ellowRibbon' Round The Old Oak T r ee , D.O.A. debateswhether to  -= ,'0 ongsoff the / E.P. or to go with =- '* ed U  pBab y and My Old Man's A Sports Beat Inn's clientele looks__~gandhealthy, with evidence of  :; =~.' of pocket-money. Joey, inordi- pale for mid-summer, spiky punk  bing out every which way, looks yout of place, a buoy of degener-asea of suntans, blow-dried hair ashell necklaces.Bar drinks are fhisrange,but he can taste the beer --,,'- e S200first prize will buy. movement while a couple of jocks in thecrowd throw crushed cigarette packs andother effluvium at those on the dancefloor.Young women at a table huddle to-gether and hold their noses, and one junior Cheryl Tiegs makes motions aboutthe acne surrounding Rampage's mouthbefore collapsing in inaudible spasms of laughter.The music kicks on, and an as-tute fellow in an Adidas T-shirt asks hisgirlfriend if she thinks that D.O.A. is do-ing this for a joke.She shrugs and turnsback to her banana daiquiriLukewarm applause greets the end of the set as the anonymous celebrity judgestake up magic-markers and jot down theirratings: an eight, another eight and a ten.Twenty-six points for D.O.A. Another acthas already done better, so the $200is out,but there is still a chance at the $50 or $25second and third prizes.First prize is bagged by the last act of the evening,a punk -rock band called The Spikes. Noone has ever heard ofthem be-fore. They seem to have been formed inorder to win the prize money. I'm gladthey won, says Joey. They beat us atour own game. I'm happy they won. Joey is less pleased,though, as a folk singer and an ersatz Tony Orlando receivethe smaller awards. His girlfriend lookssad; she has been nursing the same drink allevening. There will be no party tonight.Joey puts out his last two dollars for a bot-tle of cider, but seems unable to drink it.Sweaty and quiet, the band packs up itsinstruments and heads to the parking lotonly to find that Rampage's car has beentowed away. Inside the Sports Beat, thehouse band, a mainstream commercialrock group, has the dance-floor packedwith smiling, well-groomed hopes forCanada's future. Top: Rabid band members await arrivalof drummer Zippy Pinhead as punk fansdance or enjoy an obligatory tussle on thefloor.D.O.A. musicians Brad Kent and,Randy Rampage flank Sub-humans' leadsinger Wimpy, center, while local punk rocker emeritus Joey Shithead belts out Woke Up Screaming at left.Punk's distaff side is represented by Deedee and theDishrags, farleft. Fans, right, mug for thecamera outside the Quadra Club onHomer.
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