Verbs of Seeing With Defs & Pictures

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Verbs of seeing with definitions and pictures
  This test comes from - the site to learn English (test n°89560) 13 different ways of looking  to see: to perceive witheyes You can see a windmill in the distance. . to look (at) : to turn your eyes towards something so that you can see it.Look, a falling star! to watch:  to look attentively, for a period time, at some activity or event. (game, television, film...) bird-watching observation des oiseau  t the end of the day, after a long walk, they sat on a bench and watched the sunset. to frown: to make an angry epression, moving your eyebrows together.#e frowned when $ told him $ didn%t believe what he had said. to blink: to shut and open your eyes &uickly.'he young girl blinked as she came out into the bright sunlight. to wink: to shut one eye briefly as a signal or to show that something is a oke.he winked at me and $ knew she was oking. to glance: to take a &uick look at someone or something.he aniously glanced around. to glimpse: to see someone or something by chance for a very short time. $ glimpsed a figure at the door of the house.  to gape (at sth. * sb.) to look for a long time at something with your mouth open. 'he baby gaped in ama+ement at the illuminated fir tree.   Página 1 de 221/09/2015  to stare: to look fixedly at someone or something. Don't stare at this old lady like that, it's not polite. to peep:  to look furtively especially through small opening. (while trying not to be seen). a Peeping om (un voyeur)!omebody is peeping through the blind to peer : to look at something or somebody with difficulty or concentration, especially when you cannot see it clearly. Página 2 de 221/09/2015
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