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The Secret Life of . Walter Mitty. By: James Thurber. Kaitlyn, Alex, Bell, and Stephen. James Thurber. Born in 1894 Died in 1961 Grew up in Columbus, Ohio. His professional career began in 1920 as a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch .
The Secret Life of Walter MittyBy: James ThurberKaitlyn, Alex, Bell, and StephenJames Thurber
  • Born in 1894
  • Died in 1961
  • Grew up in Columbus, Ohio.
  • His professional career began in 1920 as a reporter for the Columbus Dispatch.
  • E.B. White (the author of Stuart Little and Charlotte’s Web) helped him get a job with The New Yorker magazine.
  • James Thurber cont..
  • Began to lose vision inn his right eye (dictated stories to his secretary)
  • Wrote 30 years of humorous stories, essays, fables, and cartoons.
  • Stories began to get edgy and tense in result of losing his vision.
  • Most work was a satire (typically reflected problems and disasters that befall humans.)
  • Contributing writer to The New Yorker until the end of his life.
  • Vocabulary
  • Distraught- adj. very upset or confused
  • Haggard- adj. having a very worn or tired look
  • Craven- adj. very cowardly
  • Pandemonium- n. wild, an uproar
  • Disdainful- adj. showing scorn for something considered unworthy.
  • Walter Mitty was often left distraught after being awakened from his daydreams.She looked haggard after she came home from a long day at work.The craven boy looked frightened when he saw the big bear.It was pandemonium when the bell rang on the last day of school.They gave the hobo a very disdainful look because he was so dirty.Theme
  • Dreams and reality.
  • Don’t let your dreams get in the way of your reality.
  • In this story, the main character cannot distinguish between dreams and his reality. It shows that if people daydream and believe that their dreams are real, they can be a danger to themselves and others.
  • Plot
  • Characters-Walter Mitty, Mrs. Mitty
  • Setting- Small town (his car, sky [flight team], hospital, parking lot, shoe store, court, A&P, hotel)
  • Basic Situation- Walter Mitty has many flashbacks about heroic real-life situations.
  • Internal Conflict- Distinguishing between a dream and reality.
  • External Conflict- Zoning out while driving and at other times.
  • Plot Cont.
  • Complications- Daydreaming, amnesia
  • Climax-Daydreaming to the firing quad.
  • Resolution- He faces the firing squad silently and fearlessly. Did he die or continue to live his life daydreaming?
  • Protagonist- Walter Mitty
  • Antagonist- his daydreams and the characters in them
  • Static- Walter Mitty, Mrs. Mitty
  • Dynamic- none
  • Literary Element
  • Diction-a writers choice of words and the arrangement of those words in phrases, sentences, or lines of a poem.
  • This is important in the story in which Thurber uses it to create a different tone with each of Mitty’s daydreams, but also his real-life experiences.
  • “Dig Deeper”
  • In this story, many things are made-up in Mitty’s daydreams. For example, he talks of a medical diagnosis of obstreosis in the ductal tract, which cannot afflict humans, especially in a part of the body which does not exist. This shows that you need to make sure you know the differences between your realities and dreams and identify which is which.
  • “Dig Deeper”
  • Mitty’s health in the story can be related to James Thorber’s health in real life. Both of their health's were going bad, but they kept on with their real life and routines.
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